Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stove Speed #1 - Pocket Rocket 2 VS BRS 3000T - VERSUS!

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Today Luke begins his search for the fastest backpacking stove on the market!  This is VERSUS and to start off with this series, we have the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 vs BRS 3000T.

Which shall be the winner and move on to face the others?


  1. Great review and in a controlled climate, too! As far as the two stoves I lean towards the BRS3000T as I am extremely budget-minded. The Pocket Rocket is a superior stove but so is the price at $45 vs sub-$18 for the BRS. I have the Etekcity and it's a winner for my needs with a rolling boil at 2'37sec (2 cups). My other go-to is a 30+ year old Coleman Peak One and it takes 3' for the same cup. It's antique but I love it. As far as a "versus" competition, I acquired an affinity for SOG tomahawks. Maybe a SOG vs Schrade (or Gerber). Anyway, well done on these two stoves, Luke.

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