Thursday, February 8, 2018

Explorers - Day Hike Adventure with Photos and Stories

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Hitting the Trails....

Susan and I head into VA to do some exploring and found some great trails!  Enjoy the adventure as we go from trail to trail, tell stories and share some of the photos which Luke took.


  1. Wow! Thanks Luke and Suzie for sharing this day hike adventure. Really nice. Great stories about farming and the food industry today compared to the past and of course the balancing rock. Yeah Luke, I like to use my senses when I'm out on the trails, there is a connection there. Awesome photos of you guys and Virginia's mountain scenery. Luke, your wolf howl sounds pretty realistic! Hope you guys enjoyed your catfish sandwich! Have a great day! "Clinton"

  2. All I can say is Luke you are a lucky man!

  3. Great hike on such a beautiful piece of land! Happy Birthday, Luke! Your best present is standing right next to you. What a wonderful partner in life! I grew up during the times farms prospered and grew, providing nourishment to all of our nation. It saddens me to see what's happening to them nowadays. Sickening is probably more apropos. You know, Luke and Susan, I can see you two owning something like the Johnson Farm to live out your it is my dream also. I told my wife today that I want to buy a piece of the rock in no-wheres-ville away from all the crazy people and the BS going on today. I wish you both continued success in every endeavor. You have a collective of admiring and loving fans out here. God bless you and your families. AlphaWhiskey47/Alex

  4. My son informed me he did buy a 37 acre property in northern California and his house will be dead center surrounded by forests. All he wants to hear are the birds and other wildlife. He said, jokingly, Dad I just want to hear a pine tree grow. Alex