Monday, February 26, 2018

What Do You Need? - Optimus Elektra FE Cook System Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Optimus Elektra FE Cook System!


Link :

Price : Retail is $100 but you will find this for a bit lower here and there.

Weight :

Entire Kit : 1lbs 1oz and that is without a can of fuel.
Pot with Top : 9.7 oz
Stove with storage bag : 2.9oz
Wind Screen : 3oz
Sponge : .4oz
Piezo ignitor : .7oz

The Elektra FE Cook System is a fuel-efficient, high-performance wonder – you get a 28% faster boil time at a 20% fuel savings. (Small print: faster compared to a normal pot with no lid or windscreen.). The lightweight system that fits snugly in your pack includes the Crux Lite stove, a heat exchange pot with lid and a new non-stick coating, clip-on windscreen, our practical BOB cleanup sponge and a handheld Piezo ignitor. I’ll take your “fast” and raise you one: In just over 2 minutes, you have boil and soup’s on!

Fuel Type
LPG gas canisters
Boil Time
2.3 min/1L
Burn Time
[max output] 90min
Heat Output
Piezo Ignition
Includes crux lite stove, heat exchange pot, lid, grill pan, piezo igniter, windshield


·       A lightweight, fast-cooking backpacking stove
-        Not the lightest or the Fastest .  You will see some describe this set as ultralight but that isn’t accurate.  In fact, as a kit it is heavy compared to titanium offerings…which are much lighter and more expensive.
·       Boils a liter of water in under 2.5 minutes – I found it to be around 3 minutes with my testing.
·       Windshield makes cook times faster
·       Piezo ignition lights stove without lighter or matches
·       Lid doubles as fry pan for added versatility

The lightweight Crux Lite stove features Heat Exchange Technology and 10,200 BTU of heat output for fast and effortless boiling.

Review :

I tend to go more minimal with a focus on light and fast backpacking but as a whole this is a great kit.  This is a great kit which is only missing a few items such as a spork and so on.

It’s a nice setup for the price

The medium size fuel canister, the stove burner head (in its own transport bag), and the Piezo lighter all fit inside the pot system with room to spare. Also included is a drawstring closure mesh bag that encases the whole system. This makes for easy transport and setup. The Optimus "system" fully meets my needs.

would highly recommend for all conditions except extreme cold and altitude since the fuel used does not work well in those conditions.

The nonstick surface is especially nice if you are cooking while out on your adventure. The "frypan" top makes great egg pucks for sandwich thins. It will do a nice sausage patty too, but you are gonna have to cut up the bacon slices.

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  1. Hi Luke! Good review on this cook set, however, it seems to be very bulky, maybe cumbersome might describe it. I have a Stanley kit that I've made some minor mods and added a DZO lid from Amazon, nixed the two green plastic cups and replaced them with a stainless steel cup (use the extra lid when boiling my water for coffee and keep the contents warm, dirt free, too). The cup nests perfectly (outside) at the bottom of the Stanley. A small fuel canister, a 30+ year old Peak One stove, a Bic and a small scrub sponge all nestle within the kit. A discarded Klymit Static V air pad draw cord bag is used to protect it and protect my other gear from stains, etc. The entire kit is 1.4lbs. I can even slip a pack of Quaker Oats and a couple "Taster's Nasty" along the sides; which I often do for morning hikes. I have a pot similar to the size of the FE one with a similar lid but it's a pain in the ass to pack, space being a premium consideration for me. Alex