Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cheap Gear Challenge #1 - Overnight Adventure - There Will Be Problems

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This is the first episode of the Cheap Gear Challenge!
This is an overnight adventure which features a strong focus on budget gear...
there will be failures....

Enjoy!  More adventures on the way.


  1. For cheap gear why not try the high peak litepak 20 degree sleeping bag and the six moons designs lunar duo outfitter tent...just some thoughts.

  2. Hi Luke! Hope you had a great birthday. I watched this video on YouTube and loved t! It was humorous and entertaining. If you ever have a "bushcraft campout" and/or shooting competition please let your TOGR family out here know, please. After watching your Moose and guns video, I went to my local gun shop and I was ecstatic that they had a used Savage Mark II 22LR with an inexpensive scope on sale for $169. The guy threw in two boxes of ammo, a pack of targets, a small duffle bag and a cleaning kit for another $20. I love the "feel" of this rifle and it is in pristine condition. I ordered a gun sock from Amazon and now I want one for my 20ga shotgun. Love your videos, Brother! AlphaWhiskey47

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  4. Luke, who makes the black sweater you're wearing in this episode?-Allen