Friday, February 23, 2018

Four Season Excellence - Sierra Designs Convert 2 - Review

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It is time to review the Sierra Designs 4 Season Convert 2 tent.  I've put the time into this product so you don't have to and here are my thoughts!

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Weight :
Minimum Trail Weight
4 lbs. 9 oz.
Packaged Weight
5 lbs. 2 oz.

Price : $499 retail.  This may sound high but for a 4 season tent, it isn’t.  There is a 3 person version available.

Setup : The setup for this tent isn’t all that quick and that’s pretty common for most true 4 season tents.  Tents which can handle the elements typically take more time to setup and to anchor it down.  This isn’t a con so much as a common trait to such tents.  There are some 4 season tents which are much quicker to setup but there are always going to be trade offs.  Always!

It’s an easy process but it is one that takes time

Experiences :

I have almost a week of cumulative time spent in this week which involved steady rain for over 10 hours without a single leak.  It has endured strong winds up to 40mph and snow.

Temp ranges have been from roughly 35f to 10f.

This tent has handled everything that I have put it into with ease and the most impressive aspect has been the handling of wind!  This tent is rock solid and I mean that, ROCK SOLID.  It has easily handled a winter storm with winds up to mph and never did I feel uneasy.

It handles the snow with ease.  Winds with ease.  Rain so far with my testing with ease.

I am concerned about the rear vent and whether or not wind driven rain could enter through the zipper.  Based on other Sierra Designs tents which I have tested, I would say that it would likely leak but that would be a very rare occurrence and would be a very specific failure which wouldn’t be likely.

Very durable so far with my testing.

Lots of living space – good for two people.  Palace for one.

Vestibule offers you a lot of space for cooking and gear.  For tall people it be hard to hunker in but it is completely useable.

Ventilation is excellent and even with camping out in 10+ hours of rain I didn’t have any issues with moisture build up.

Mesh door and vent which not all 4 season tents have

Very compressible

Great storage sack

Color : Love it or hate it, this is what you get with a sierra design product.  I often refer to their color schemes as tele tubby colors.  I don’t hate it but I do wish they would go with dark earth tones as that would open up their products to a new market of individuals.  I see the comments on their products in my video and the most common complaint are the colors.

Not the smallest of tents; will need some space to setup

Mesh increases versatility
Strong waterproof DriZone material
Jake's corners and internal guylines(optional) increase tents strength in high winds
Adequately sized for two people and gear
Lightweight and compact in fastpack mode
This tent comes in component parts. Because the vestibule zips off, you can better divide up the weight of the tent / poles between two carriers.
Once sealed up, will hold in some heat!


Cheap tent stakes included
Non-Reflective Guy Lines

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  1. Hi Luke! Good review on this 4-season tent; however, I agree on the color. When I camp with my fellow backpackers, all of our shelters are variations of brown and green. If I brought a bright yellow and blue shelter my compadres would ask me to go to the next mountain. The weight of this tent is heavier than I would like as my tarps and tents are under the 4lb mark, most at 1 1/2 to 2lbs. My HEWOLF tent is 3.77lbs and it's my 4-season shelter that surprised the heck out of me being that it came from China. I bought it on a whim however it has proved itself over and over; and it was priced at just over $100. AlphaWhiskey47/Alex