Thursday, February 1, 2018

Warm, Lightweight, Less Expensive, Excellent Quality - UGQ Bandit Top Quilt

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Today Luke is reviewing the UGQ Bandit Top Quilt!

Light, Warm and Less Expensive than other companies!


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Weight : 1lbs 13oz on my scale

Price : As Shipped $297.95.  Can be customized for each user.

When it comes to price, this is afford for a custom made quilt. I have other quilts which are for less harsh temps that cost almost double the price of this one here. Very competitive!

All BANDIT Quilts include a 40d Silpoly Stuff Sack and our Pad Attachment System (Single Strap).

With a custom order like this, there is going to be a wait time which is common across all companies like this one.  At the time of filming, wait times were running 9 – 10 weeks!  Again this is very common with smaller companies who are offering custom products.

The loft on this quilt is amazing!

Awesome for backpacking, camping and hammock use

When compared to other companies; similarly speced quilts would run;

Zpacks : Around the $360 price range

Enlightened : $300

Katabatic Gear  : $460

Without a doubt I would recommend this company and their products as I am more than thrilled with what I have received here.  Absolutely awesome in terms of quality and construction.  Very fair pricing which puts most of their competitors to shame.  Very well thoughtout and very customizable in terms of your order.


  1. Hammock Gear's Econ top and underquilts are actually quite a bit less expensive. For example, the 0 degree Burrow Econ top quilt is $179.95, and for those who live in the deep, lowdown dirty south like myself, the Burrow Econ 40 is $119.95, and of course they're all customizable, unless you decide to go for what's already in stock. I'd love to see you review these quilts, Luke, as I've been drooling over them for awhile now, but for various reasons(mostly financial), I've been reluctant to pull the trigger.

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