Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Winners Announcements - $100 Gift Card, Hammocks, Pillows

Wolf Pack!

It is time to announce the winners of the recent giveaways!

This includes the winner of the $100 REI Gift Card, the Winners of the Hammocks and the Pillows!

Thank you all for supporting TOGR!


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A special thank you goes out to all who made this possible!


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Monday, September 14, 2020

OneTigris Roc Shield Bushcraft Tent - First Look and Thoughts So Far

This is the OneTigris Roc Shield Bushcraft Tent and my testing of this shelter has begun; in this Episode Luke is going over a number of setup possibilities and his initial thoughts after a few trips out.

Agenda Free Link : 

Price : $159 

Material: 75D Nylon Fabric, YKK Zippers, Aluminum Stakes and Poles 

Dimensions Folded : 23”x6”x6” 

Waterproof Rating : 1500mm 

Adjustable Height : 4.1ft or 5.2ft 

Weight : 7lb 

Tent Pole Material : 7075 Aluminum 

Package Includes the Following
OneTigris ROC SHIELD Bushcraft Tent 
Tent Stakes : 14 
Guy-line : 10 
Tent Pole : 4 
Stuff Sack : 1 


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Friday, September 11, 2020

Rest Area Camping - USA Overlanding Adventure - Part 2

The Overlanding Colorado trip picks up immediately following the EPIC Overnight Adventure upon Notch Mountain which is part of the Holy Cross Wilderness!

In this episode, Luke and Susie begin by finding a campsite so that they can clean up after a week on the road. From there, some decisions have to be made!

What to do Next!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Slip Knot - My Favorite Knot - How to Tie and How to Use

This is the Slip Knot which happens to be my Go To knot for many applications and once mastered it can greatly improve your bushcraft and outdoor skills greatly!

In this episode Luke shows you how to tie it, how to use it and more.


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Monday, September 7, 2020

Will It Leak? LiteFighter 1 Person Military Tent -Test Night

This is Test Night with the LiteFighter 1 Person Military Tent; Will it Leak?

How does it manage with AirFlow and Condensation?

Find out now!

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LiteFighter Tent Agenda Free Link :

Friday, September 4, 2020

☠️ Backpacking Colorado's Bermuda Triangle - Holy Cross Wilderness

In this episode, The Outdoor Gear Review is out West backpacking what is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado!

People Go Missing and are NEVER to be seen again.
Plane Crashes

This is an epic adventure in some incredibly beautiful mountains and we hope that you enjoy it!


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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Best Camping Utensils - Custom Cutlery Set

After the FinessCity Cutlery set review that I did recently, I had numerous viewers asking what I personally use and that is what this video is all about.

I go over two types of long handle spoons and an incredibly sharp Opinel Knife.

This is what is in my kit and why!


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The Cutlery Set That I Use :

TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl :

Toaks Titanium Sport Agenda Free Link :

Toaks Price : $13 at the time of filming on Amazon

Toaks Weight : 0.6oz

Measurements : 8.5”

Note : Toaks no longer offers a non-polished version of this Spork….or at least I couldn’t find one when getting all of the details together. My preference would be for a polished bowl over a non-polished one.

Stoic Ti Spoon : No Longer Available 

TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl 

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $11

Weight : 0.5oz

Measurements : 8.5”

Note : Toaks offers an unpolished version of the spoon for a $1 less.

Pros for Both :

- Ultralight weight. 
- Excellent quality. 
- Have held up extremely well over the years with absolutely no problems. 
- No weird issues with taste nor smell like with some cheaper products 
- Excellent length – long enough that you can easily eat from a freeze dried meal bag without nastying up your knuckles or having to cut the top of the bag off 
- Also great for eating MRE’s out of their packages. 
- Easy to clean 
- Hasn’t stained 
- Good prices

Cons :

Not really a con but I think it is fair to say that there is likely one manufacture for both of these items and likely the offerings from other companies. The Toaks products, those by Stoic, Core, Tito and so on all share in the exactly same design. If it was me, I would stick with the more well known brands….such as Toaks which has been tested thoroughly by individuals like myself.

Toaks claims that their products are designed in CA but made in China; it must be designed by someone other than Toaks because everyone has the same design.


Knife :

Opinel No. 8 Folder

Agenda Free Link :
Cost : $20

Excellent folder for cutting and process food. Makes a good forest knife as well in a pinch.


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Walmart Lithic 35F Down Sleeping Bag – Review

Luke has been testing out the Walmart Lithic Sleeping Bag which claims to be a down filled 35F bag but it's not!

Also, the quality of this products is of a MAJOR concern!

But, could it be used by some?

Find out in this Agenda Free Review now!


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Walmart Lithic 35F Down Sleeping Bag – Review :

Agenda Free Link :

Price : Retail $130, on sale at the time of filming for $110

Claimed Weight : 1lb 14oz

Actual Weight : 1lb 14oz

Stuff Sack Weight : .6oz

Claimed Insulation : 400 grams of 600 Fill power down

Materials : 20D Nylon Shell which has been treated with water repellent coating. Ykk zippers.

Included : Sleeping bag, stuff sack and mesh storage bag.

Claimed Comfort Temp Range : 35F

Claimed Pushed Range : 25F

Claimed Extreme Range : -5F

Pockets : One on collar

Measurements :

Length : 82” Shoulder Width : 29” Footbox Width : 19” Stuff Sack Size : 7.5 x 14.5”

Zip : Right Side

From the Company :

The LITHIC 35-Degree Down Sleeping Bag is an ultralight sleeping bag for 3-season backpacking trips. Insulated with 600 fill power down, it weighs less than two pounds and compresses into a water resistant stuff sack to keep bulk to a minimum. The 20D polyester shell fabric features a water-repellent finish to protect the precious down and preserve warmth in wet or humid conditions. Other features include a no snag zipper, which allows you to get in and drift off to dreamland with ease. All of that, and it won’t bust a hole in your wallet.

Review Pros

Light weight! Good quality stuff bag. Good quality storage bag. Zipper is smooth running with little catching Can be used as a quilt in warmer conditions thanks to the long zipper. One year warranty….which you might want and have to use considering how much down is being lost by this bag.

Review Cons :

Questionable quality; lots of loose threads.

Quality of the nylon material has to be questioned as I have begun experiencing a large amount of down loss. On my last trip out with this bag, I was absolutely covered in feathers. So many that my wife even commented on it. “you are covered in feathers.”

Not 100% down fill.

Not nearly as warm as claimed.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Overland Camping Across the Country - 3 Day Adventure to Colorado

Traveling across the USA and truck camping along the way.

Our first stop is in Illinois and our second is in Kansas!  Our 3rd night is in the mountains of Colorado as smoke from the quickly growing forest fires come into the area.

This is our longest trip yet in Drifter, our Toyota Tundra and it proved itself to be excellent!

In this episode, we experience it all;
Mountains and more!

Next week will be part 2 and involves backpacking into the high mountains of the Holy Cross Wilderness which is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Colorado.

By the way, thank you all for the amazing emails and messages concerning this video, we really appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

For the Minimalist - 2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket

Today Luke is reviewing one of the lightest rain jackets ever made; this is the Agenda Free Review of the 2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket.


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Ultralight Rain Jacket2020 Outdoor Research Helium Jacket

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $159.00

Weight : 6.3oz

Colors : Black, Orange, Blue

Sizes : Small - XXL

Versions : Mens and Womens

Materials : Pertex® Shield Diamond Fuse 2.5L, 100% nylon, 30D ripstop – YKK AquaGuard Zippers

From the Company :

Building on the legacy of our award-winning Helium Collection, the completely revamped Helium Rain Jacket and Pants take durable lightweight waterproof protection to an entirely new level. Diamond Fuse technology enables the Helium Rain to be 5x more tear-resistant than the Helium II, and an even lighter weight. Completely seam-taped, waterproof, yet still breathable and comfortable in rugged conditions, the new Helium Rain Jacket and Pants will be the first thing any hiker, peak bagger, or off-trail adventurer will pack for the most durable lightweight rain protection.

Review Pros :

Durable Impressively Lightweight Waterproof Fully Seam-Taped Very good Breathablity – if you push it hard enough you will sweat it in but it offers better performance in this regards than less expensive products.

Good hood adjustability Windproof

Good fit; what I would call standard; it’s not too tight nor too loose

Sizing is right – it’s a medium and it fits like a medium should

Packs down very small - Chest Pocket Doubles as Stuff Sack Adjustable Hood YKK AquaGuard Zippers are smooth but do take some work which is a characteristic of a waterproof zipper. Single Separating Center Front Zipper Reflective Logo and Overlay at Forearm Carabiner Loop and Key Clip Elastic Drawcord Hem Elastic Cuffs

surprisingly tough; on some rough hikes where this jacket has been pulled across rocks it has shown no damage.

Review Cons :

Two complaints -

This jacket would be perfect if it only had pit zips but unfortunately it doesn’t. Luckily the breatability isn’t all that bad to begin with thanks to the Pertex material.

No side pockets – they are missed...but it is a minimalist jacket

If you wear the jacket without a long sleeve shirt or other layer, the material will feel clammy and slightly sticky as soon as you put it on.

Summary :

Outdoor Research is a company that makes excellent products and what I really respect about them is that they back up every item they make with a lifetime warranty. I was a fan of the Helium Line when it was first introduced years ago and I’m still a fan today with the latest version.

The quality is excellent. The performance is excellent and in my opinion, it is worth the money 100%.

Something to keep in mind with this jacket is that it is minimalist in terms of design so it lacks some features which may be important to you. Depends on what you want and in the end, I have no problem with recommending it fully.

Helium Pants : My review of the pant counterpart will be coming up shortly so make sure to look out for that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What Is That Smell? - FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set - Spoon Fork Knife

Today Luke is reviewing a Spoon, Fork and Knife kit which he doesn't recommend! The quality isn't there and that smell.....

This is the Agenda Free Review of the FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set.

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FinessCity Titanium Cutlery Set Review

Agenda Free Link :

Cost : $20

Weight : 2.2oz

Version : There is 3 versions of this utility set; 3 piece which you see here. 4 piece which includes chop sticks 5 piece which includes a straw and brush for cleaning.

Pros :

Compact set Lightweight Has everything one person could need as far as your main utensils go.

The utensils have held up well with my use...but I can’t say that the quality is good.

Thickness is good enough to eat and to cut any food item.

Price is good and this set is $3 dollars less expensive than the Toaks version which is virtually the same. The Toaks version doesn’t screw together but it does feature carabiner. The Finesscity set is $10 cheaper than the Esbit version which looks to be basically the same as the Toaks version.

With some looking, it wouldn’t surprise me if you could find a set which is very similar; some may even be sold for a few dollars less.

Keith, Core, Valtcan

Gets the job done

Cons :

Questionable quality : poorly cut spoon with uneven dimensions. While the set does screw together and is a neat package, it does take a few moments to unscrew the set and to get what you need. In other words, it takes more time to use it than with some other solutions.

With the focus of this kit being as lightweight as possible, each utensil is rather short and wouldn’t be a good fit for those who like to eat mountain house meals or other camping meal straight from a bag.

Knife is functional and will cut through food products with enough work but isn’t especially sharp. Teeth could be more aggressive.

As an FYI, most of the reviews on Amazon are fake for this set: I noticed it immediately and sites that analyze Amazon reviews confirmed it; roughly 40% of the reviews are fake.

Screwing the set together can be a little awkward.

The set has a slightly rough finish to them and when eating you will feel that texture in your mouth; it’s not bad but some people may not like it. There are other titanium products on the market where the spoon and fork are polished and they are in fact, nicer products in my opinion.

There is an odor which I believe comes from the coating of the set; it smells of very cheap metal and it remains on your fingers after handling the set which I really don’t like.

Coating stains easily and is rubbing off.


Summary :

Do I recommend this set?

It’s not a bad set but in my opinion it has enough cons where I would consider other options. It is light, functional but I don’t like the fact that after using the set that my fingers have a slight strange smell to them; it makes you wonder what is going into your food and also, into your mouth.

It should be mentioned that I have plenty of titanium cutlery items and none have such an issue.

My advice is to go with another cutlery set as you are able to get more and better for the money.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Scouting Mission in a Hurricane - What Was on the Satellite Imagery?

A hurricane is hitting the coast of NC and rain bands are slamming into the mountains;
in this episode, Luke is on a scouting mission to find something interesting that he discovered on some satellite imagery.

What will he find?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

PROBLEMS : Sportneer Folding Table – Medium Size - Real Review

This is the Sportneer Folding Table and Luke is here to go over the pros and cons and as a bonus, he has a hilarious online review to share concerning it.

That is why you never trust an Amazon Review.


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Sportneer Folding Table – Medium Size

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $42 at the time of filming

Claimed Weight : 2.8lbs

Actual Weight : 3lbs

With Storage Bag and Mesh Bag : 3lbs 4oz

Materials : Aluminum and plastic for the table; polyester for the storage bag Included : Table, storage bag, mesh storage hang

Measurements Assembled :

Top : 22” x 16”

Stands : 16”

Measurements when Collapsed :

22” x 5.9 x 2.4”

Review Pros :

Good quality Good size Good weight Materials have proven to be strong so far. Good weight capability : load capacity up to 50 lbs Makes for a flat surface for cooking, eating and so on. Easy to clean Reasonable pack size

Review Cons :

Once the table is together and joined with the frame, it doesn’t flex much so if you place it on uneven ground it becomes tippy instead of flexing to fit on the ground.

Setting up isn’t always easy; you’ll have situations where the frame and the legs will pull apart when you are trying to fasten the top to the frame. It would be easier to put together if the cross bar locked into place with the joint.

While I haven’t had any issues with the plastic connector pieces, I do wonder about their longevity.

Price in my opinion is a bit high for this table as there are other companies who make basically the same thing for less. They could be of a lower quality...I don’t know as I haven’t tested them but there is less expensive version of this out on the market. Some almost $20 less expensive.

Next complain, this table doesn’t feature a unique design; plenty of companies have a version of it.

Summary :

Overall when it comes to this table, I like it but I can’t say that I love it. It does what it needs to do but in my opinion, there are better tables out on the market for me personally. Some less expensive, some more expensive and ultimately the decision is yours.

Advice : Make sure to keep the size of the table in mind; it’s only 16” high! While that doesn’t sound like much, I find that for me it is a good height but if you tall, it might simply be too short.

Funny Review :

This comes from Amazon :

This table is legit. Used it this weekend for table dancing. I’m a traveling twerker/striper and this table held up my 200lbs of twerking excellence with no problem.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Camping - Prepping - Overland : Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Today Luke is reviewing a stove which could easily be used for any purpose including camping, overland, survival, prepping and more.

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove;

Propane and Butane!


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Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove
Agenda Free Link : Colors : Blue and Black

Price : Blue is $35 and Black is $37 at the time of filming

Weight in Case : Right at 5lbs

Stove alone is around 3.5lbs

BTU’s : 7,200BTU

Measurement : 13 x 11.2x 3.14 inch Fuels : 8 oz and 16 oz propane or 8.8oz butane cans. Who Makes These : My suspicions is that there is one company who makes this stove for everyone else as there are countless companies who make models which look exactly the same.

Review Pros :

Runs on two types of fuel.

Does exactly what I have wanted it to do; turn on when I want it to and turn off when I want it to while being able to heat, boil and cook.

Price isn’t bad -but there are less expensive versions of this stove available; I can’t comment on the quality of those models but I may check one out in the future.

Easy to use

Small form factor

Great for camping, overlanding and even emergency use.

Very efficient – one can of butane lasted me almost 2 hours with a variety of cooking and boiling projects.

Good size burner allows for virtually any size pot or pan to be used.

Excellent output; I’ve never had an issue with boiling water for coffee quickly or with cooking a full fledged meal.

Ignition has always worked.

Cons :

Flimsy feelings and that goes for the stove and the carry case.

Gas connection area features a door which feels very cheap and never is fully latched shut.

While you can adjust the intensity of the burner, there is a rather large zone where you should be able to simmer but rather, the burner simply goes out.

The company claims that this stove has excellent wind resistance; that isn’t accurate in my opinion. If it is a windy day, I would suggest setting up some sort of wind block.

This product like many products on Amazon features a lot of fake reviews; according to review analytic sites, roughly 60% of the reviews are fake for this product which is obvious when reading them.

Summary :

Ultimately if you purchase this stove, this is what you are getting;

- a dual fuel stove for a low price

- a cheap flimsy build

- functional stove.

For the $35 that I spent, I consider it an excellent buy...if I paid any more the fit and finish of this stove would justify a refund but for $35, it’s just good enough. I purchased this in January and have used it dozens of times in all sorts of conditions; in the rain, in the snow and in very hot conditions. Never had a problem.

It should be known that there are more powerful versions of this stove out there; for an example, Gas One has a 15,000 BTU version of this stove which costs $60.

Hammock Camping in the Backcountry - Backpacking Adventure

Wolf Pack, it is time for another adventure and this one involves a trek into the Backcountry!
and some beautiful country!


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Win $100 REI Gift Card - Week 3 Giveaway - Enter Now!

Hey there Wolf Pack,
This is Week 3 of the Give-a-Ways and involves a $100 REI Gift Card
Make sure to enter now and good luck! 
Thank you all for supporting TOGR! 


Special Thank You
A special thank you goes out to the viewer who made this possible; you sir are greatly appreciated!

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Walmart Lithic Stove VS MSR Pocket Rocket - First Look and Test

For this episode of VS, Luke has the Walmart Lithic Stove going up against the MSR Pocket Rocket 2! Which one is faster?

Are there any problems? Any issues?

Let's Find out!


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Walmart - Lithic Backpacking Stove - First Look and Test

Agenda Free Link : Cost : $20.86

Weight Claimed : 3.1oz

From the Company :

Weighing in at just 3.1 oz., this stove is built for backpackers focused on traveling fast and light without giving up cooking performance.

Boils 2 cups of water in 3.5 minutes in ideal conditions.

Wide, concave burner provides high heat and power output in any conditions.

Adjustable Flame Control gives you excellent cooking versatility while on the trail.

Push-to-start Piezo Igniter reliably lights the stove quickly every time

Foldable Pot Supports keep the stove insanely small in your pack - 2 x 2 x 2.8 in, to be exact - and allow it to fit inside most cookware sets to save space

Fuel Type : isobutane Boils 2 cups of water in 3.5 in ideal conditions : Quality Adjuster Legs Speed

Funny BS review :

Walmart seems to have a reviewer program where individuals get free products in return for leaving a review on the walmart product page. The bs review of the day is probably one of the best that i have ever seen and when I say best I mean worst.

3 star review :

Title : Great for quick cooking on short trips

My immediate first impression is that this stove is definitely ultra lightweight and small for backpacking. It's small enough to fit into the palm of an adult hand. It feels sturdy and well made. The upper portion is big enough for a small pot.

It's easy to use. You push the black button/pin to ignite the fire. There is a handle on the opposite side of the igniter that you can use to control the intensity of the fire. (ie high, med, low)

The box included instructions and a small carry bag for the stove as well. I could see us using this for a one day fishing trip or to roast marshmallows during a short outing away from home.

A huge draw back for longer trips is that a propane/butane canister is needed to use this stove. Thus the 3 star rating. I think that a stove that can be used with wood/straw/leaves/etc is more practical for longer camping/backpacking trips.

Walmart, get your money/product back from this guy. He screwed you.

Want another crap review? This one is awesome...awesome as in absolutely stupid;

BS Online 5 star review :

Title : Hate that it's propane operated

Super cute and useful . My family are huge fans of the tv series naked and afraid. We often play in our backyard and local park and pretend that we're in the wilderness and having to try and survive off little to nothing. This little miniature stove definitely adds some excitement to our adventure. I hate that it's propane operated because I literally hate the smell and it makes me sick but I will survive. I recommend this to anyone that loves the outdoors, this will definitely help you enjoy your time out even more

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Opening Stuff You Sent In - Viewer Mail #80

The generosity of our viewers continues to blow us away; thank you all for the kindness which you have blessed us with.

This is Viewer Mail Episode #80!


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Friday, August 7, 2020

Alone on Lone Wolf Mountain for 24 Hours - Solo Camping Adventure

Hey Everyone, this is Susie and it's my turn to go camping and for this adventure, I'm on my own in the Mountains!

Thank you all very much for supporting me and TOGR!


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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Enter Now - Outdoor Vitals Camping Pillows - Giveaway Week 2

Hey there Wolf Pack,

This is Week 2 of the Give-A-Ways and involves some Outdoor Vitals Pillows! Make sure to enter now and good luck!

Thank you all for supporting TOGR!


Special Thank You :

A special thank you goes to Ryan and Kassi who made this giveaway possible! You both are greatly appreciated!


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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Jerry Can Alternative - SmartBottle Water Bottle (Bag) - Overlanding Sur...

Today Luke is reviewing an interesting alternative to the tried, true and test Jerry Can! This is the SmartBottle and it should be carefully considered not only for Overlanding but for Survival purposes as well.

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SmartBottle DOUBLE WALL Outdoor with 18MM Fast Pour Spout

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $12.45 for the 2.6 Gallon with a 18mm Fast Pour Spout

Weight : 7oz for the bag itself plus an oz or two for whatever cap or spout you decide to go with.

Double Walled : These bags are composed of two layers of nylon which makes them highly resistant to punctures and cuts. According to the manufacturer web site, the double wall bottles are 14-mil.

There are single walled versions available and they are even less expensive!

Pros :

Prices are awesome on these bags. Overland specific products can be exceptionally expensive and this provides a very compelling option.

Can be used for any sort of purposes; camping, overland, boating, prepping and survival, etc.

Lots of accessory options to choose from with all sorts of caps and spouts.

All bags pass the UN drop test for emergency water, which is dropping the bag 10 times from 2 meters. Puncture resistant made from two layers of film Extra wide seals insure a strong, leak proof container Compact when empty and folds easily for storage BPA free Smart Bottle material conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520 which permits the use of polyethylene in articles that contact food Integral handles at the top and bottom are designed for easy carrying and dispensing content Remains upright when partially full Grommets on both ends for securing and hanging Made in the U.S.A. Bag may be frozen with water in it

You can store these bottles for long periods of time; I’ve had this one in the truck for 2 months at a time.

Compact : Small size means that you can travel with numerous bottles and use what you need as you go. When you don’t need them, empty, roll and store.

Collapsible : You can have a ton of capacity within your vehicle without taking up any space

These bottles can be used with Saywer water filters along with other brands as well.

Durable :

Easy to transport. Can be hung. Flexible container When you sit one of these down, they are very stable and you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. Stand up on their own.

Very tough : There are numerous videos of people throwing these bags around; I’m going to do that but I can tell you from my person use, they have proven themselves to be very reliable.

Easy to clean - mouth is large enough to get a brush in the bag if you need to otherwise you can rinse with soap and water.

Cons :

The bags have no identification markings other than the maker so if you have multiple sizes, you could get confused initially as to what size you are looking at.

Their web site isn’t the best nor the most detailed and lacks information in regards to sizes, dimensions, and other details which some may find important.

Sizes :

750ml cub for $10. Wine bottle of $13. 1 Gallon for $7 2.6 gallon - 22lbs 5.3 gallon - 43lbs They have water filtration kits and more.

When it comes to spouts, they have a 8mm spout for $3, a tubing spout for water filters, garden hose adaptors and other types of caps. .........

Summary :

For the money, these bottles....they really are more bags than bottles....are some of the best water storage solutions that I have come across and I have no problem recommending them highly.

The quality is awesome. The versatility is excellent. Price is extremely fair.

For for those who have limited space, they provide a lot of water hauling capacity.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Where Did the Dog Come From? - After The Camp Military Surplus Adventure

This is After the Camp for the 🎖️ Military Surplus Adventure With Dog 🎖️ that went live a few days ago. Want to know more about the Dog who spent so much time with me? You'll find those insights and more here.

Luke talks about Whitetop Mountain, the AT, behind the Scenes experiences, gear and more!

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Friday, July 31, 2020

ENTER NOW - Week 1 Giveaway - Go Outfiiters Hammocks

Hey there Wolf Pack, I realize that the world has been a bit crazy lately and I wanted to do something to spread a little joy so I have come up with 3 weeks of giveaways!

This is Week 1 and involves some Go! Outfitters Hammocks; make sure to enter now and good luck!

Thank you all for supporting TOGR!


Thank You :

A special thank you goes to Go! Outfitters for making this giveaway possible!

Go! Outfiiters :

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Summer Storms - Military Surplus Adventure

Luke is out for a Military Surplus Adventure which involves some awesome pieces of military gear.
This video has it all;

MRE's, Storms, and even a K9 companion!


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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Budget Friendly Rain Jacket - GYMAX Rain Jacket - Real Review

Hey there Wolf Pack, today Luke is reviewing the Budget Friendly GYMAX Rain Jacket. Pros, Cons, and real world experiences are coming up in this Real Review!


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GYMAX Rain Jacket Review

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $43

Weight : 15.8oz medium

Colors : Black, Grey, Navy

Sizes : Medium – 3x- Large

Versions : Men and Womens

Review Pros :

The company claims 8000mm hydrostatic rating; I’ve been testing this jacket since January in the snow and rain and I have no reason to doubt this rating. It has kept me dry on all of my adventures and the only time that I have gotten wet is with sweat which I will talk about here in a moment.

* Overall good quality with the exception of some threading on the hood.

* High quality materials including YYK zippers.

* Feels premium with the soft touch fabric

* Offers good protection from the weather including rain, snow and wind.

* Zippers run smoothly.

* 3 internal pockets which are a nice feature; this isn’t common on many rain jackets

* minimal tags

* Good value for the money

* Adjustable cuffs and waist.

* Reasonable pack size – rolls up to about the size of a nalgene bottle.

Review Cons :

I have two issues with this jacket; breathability and sizing;

Breathability first : Not the best in terms of breathablity but for the price it is acceptable in my opinion. If you want the breathability performance of a $500 shell you have to buy a $500 shell but for the $45 price, it’s what I would expect.

Unfortunately the jacket doesn’t have pitzips which does heat build up and breathability more an issue

Runs small – I have the medium here and I would absolutely recommend sizing up if you are considering this jacket. It is tight around my arms and the arm length is a bit short. If you size up for the additional arm sizing you might find that the overall chest size is too big. With the medium, I have plenty of space in the chest of an additional layer like a down jacket but it would be too tight in the arms.

No hanging loop

Limited hood adjustments – also I can’t figure out how to lock the size pulls even though there seems to be some sort of pull lock inside of the fabric

Confused : Before I end this video, I wanted to talk about something that I stumbled upon when getting my details ready for the review. Walmart carries this jacket but the price is off the charts expensive; $176 – on sale for $100.

Summary : Based on my experiences with this jacket, I’ve found it to be a good quality for the money shell but the issues of breathability and size need to be considered carefully before your purchase. If you are going out for a bunch of hard work or a long hard hike, you may want to consider a more expensive shell which offers offers better performance.

Then there is sizing; I find the sizing to be slightly off; tight and short in the arms but adequate in the chest which presents a problem; if I go up in a size, I will have more space for my arms but too much space in the chest area.

Also, Susan has the women's version of this jacket and feels the same as I do. Overall good quality for the money but awkward sizing.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Complete Failure - Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Person Tent – Real Review

Today in this Episode :

Luke has been testing out the Target Exclusive Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Person Tent and as he suspected, it doesn't live up to the claims which have been made by Target nor Sierra Designs.

Why would they even release this tent?

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Tent Info :

Agenda Free Link :

This is a very inexpensive tent which I got in for the sake of reviewing as I am always looking for a good quality tent that I can recommend.

Even before getting this tent in, I had my concerns based upon the materials of the tent and also the hydrostatic head rating.

Even with my concerns, I gave this tent a chance to prove me wrong but unfortunately my worries and concerns were warranted as this tent has simply failed in its most important job.

You may be wondering why I am reviewing this tent and the answer is simple; these type of tents sell more than any other; the cost is low and those who are thinking about getting out for the first time will be drawn to it especially when they see how much the average tent costs.

With that being said, with this review, I am focusing specifically on the pros and cons and my thoughts; I have done a preview on it if you are interested to learn more about it once the review is done.

Cost : $60

Weight : 6.5lbs

Body Waterproof Rating : 600mm

Rainfly Material : 185T taffeta Polyester

Pole Material : Fiberglass

Review Pros :

will keep the bugs outs

fairly easy to setup – takes 10 minutes or less

Good size

colors are ok

Review Cons :

Inexpensive – most of the time this is a pro but in this case, the quality was lowered to the point where the tent can’t be recommended; quality over price!

Not waterproof – I’ve done one initial rain test which involved around an hour of mostly light rain with 10 minutes being moderate rainfall. The tent leaked in numerous locations and is not weather ready.

Heavy – car camping weight

Fly has to be velcroed to the poles for proper form;

Summary :

To put it bluntly, I recommend this tent to only those who live in dry airid locations. That’s it.

If there is a chance of rain, forget it.

It isn’t waterproof and it simply can’t protect you if the conditions take a turn for the worst. It can handle a light shower but will ultimately soak through. Because of that, this tent shouldn’t be used any further than you backyard. If rain comes in, based on the leaking that I have had with mine, you needed to be able to escape to cover.

I don’t recommend it for car camping.

I’m always looking for a good deal when it comes to outdoor products but I’ll never give something a free pass when it fails at what the company stats that the product is capable of.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Backroads Truck Camping and Cooking Adventure - Overlanding

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Luke is overlanding through the Pisgah mountains and along the way discovers an abandoned mountain cabin while learning of the tragic history of the Roseboro area.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Suaoki G500 Power Station – Real Overland Review

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Up for review is the Suaoki G500 Power Station.

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $490 at the time of filming on Amazon

Weight : 15.15lbs

Plenty of companies who make similar products and I’ve used many and in the future will be reviewing even more. With such devices, I use them for emergency uses, overlanding and travel and also for video/photography trips


Pros :

Good quality system

Good capacity – 500w which translates to 137,700mAh

Multiple ways to charge the device – solar, AC, DC, wall and cigarette charger

Can be charged via solar with many different types of solar panels – includes an adapter so you can connect to varying types.

Can run anything that is under 300w. If you go over, it will shutoff.

The AC ports will allow for a surge up to 600w so you won’t trip it when you turn on some devices.

Shows AC and DC outputs.

Shows input power

To charge the device fully it takes around 8 hours from the wall.

To charge it via 100W solar panels, I’ve been able to fully charge the device in 2 days; those are real world conditions where I set up the panels and walk away. If you were able to stay with the panels and had optimal conditions, you could charge the device in about 5 hours.

Pure Sine Wave ports ; Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with pure sine inverters. Use these inverters for televisions, laptops, digital microwaves, fridges and other sensitive electronic equipment. Pure Sine inverters can power just about any AC appliance without risk of damage.

Can run all ports at the same time

Holds a charge for a long time with minimal loss.

Cons :

Even though this is a 500w hour system, only 450w are open to the user; the rest is to protect the battery.

Some low devices won’t register how much they are drawing.

300w is a low rating; there are other power stations which can offer more such as 500w.

Case materials will condensate in certain situations such as a humid overland trip

I wish the power level was in percentages and not the bars. Each bar translates to 20%. It doesn’t provide accurate information. You will never know exactly how much power is left.

Slow charging from vehicle using 12v power. Really slow! With my testing it’s around 6-7 times slower than other power stations. With the DC power, 6-8w max. This is super, super slow as other products can easily do 40w. 12V Cigarette plug can’t fully charge the device and this can be a deal breaker for some people.

Also, if you plan to run a fridge for an example while you are traveling, the device can’t pull enough power from the cigarette lighter port to charge the device – you’ll be draining even when charging.

Summary :

The overall quality of this device is excellent but for overall overlanding and travel I would recommend looking at other brands which allow for full charging via 12v port unless you are going to rely on solar when off grid.

For home use and limited trips this is a good performer; the price is very competitive and for emergency use I have no problem giving it a positive review. Just keep in mind the device limitations.

Suaoki Brand : I am not overly familiar with this brand as the company is relatively new to the market when compared to more established brands. Because of that, I can’t comment on how well the company stands by their products as far as warranty go; there isn’t enough information available from what research that I have seen online. I did look to see if the company has a phone number listed online and they don’t whereas most companies who do offer similar products do. No phone number in the instruction manual and included documentation.


120W Solar Panels :

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $290

Weight : 10.8lbs

Measurements : 20.87 x 20.75 x 2.36 inches

Good size, easy to setup.

Easy to clean

Small size when folded

Stand works but isn’t the most sturdy

build in charge controller – can charge devices directly including laptop or even your car battery with the alligator clips.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Walmart Removes Lithic Tents From the Market After TOGR Videos! - Outdoo...

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For this episode of Outdoor News, Luke discusses what has happened since he first reported problems with Walmart's new line of tents;

They have been pulled from the market!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Gregory Miwok 24L Day Backpack – Real Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Gregory Miwok 24 which has become his go-to Day Hike Backpack.

Agenda Free Review :

Price : Retail is $120

Weight : 1.85 lb

Sizes : 12, 18, 24, 32, 42

Women's Version : Is called the Maya and Susie will be reviewing this soon.

Colors : Grey, Blue, Red and Flame Black – if you look around you may even find it in other colors with older or possibly newer versions.

Materials :

External Material : 100% Nylon

Pack Body : 210D Honeycomb CryptoRip HD Nylon

Pack Bottom : 420D High Density Nylon

Lining :135D High Density Embossed Polyester

Suspension : 3D Perforated EVA Foam

Fabric/Material : Nylon

Body Material : 210D Honeycomb CryptoRip HD Nylon

Features : Maximum Loading Weight : 25 lb

Capacity : 1465 cu in / 24 L

Pack Volume : 1000 - 1999 cubic in

Hydration Compatible : Yes - Bladder Not Included

Additional Features :

Dual External Side Pockets, Hydration Sleeve With External Access, Shoulder Strap Sunglass Loop

Pack Loading : Top

BioSync dynamic suspension with flexible tendons that stretch and move with your body.

Adjustable torso length with 3D foam breathable backpanel.

Body-hugging flexible hipbelt with dual zippered pockets.

Die-cut BioSync flexible shoulder harness with sternum strap and hydration clip.

Sunglass QuickStow system on shoulder harness for quick, secure and scratch-free access to your shades.

Dedicated zippered hydration pocket with SpeedClip hydration hangar compatible with Gregory's 3D Hydro reservoir (reservoir not included).

Top zippered pocket with soft touch liner to protect valuable items and interior mesh zippered security pocket with key clip.

Dual side stretch mesh pockets.

Front stretch mesh pocket with secure buckle closure and reflective webbing.

Trekking pole/tool attachment with bungee closure system.

Custom comfort-grip molded zipper pulls and molded webbing keepers for strap management.

Fits Torso
: 16" - 21” / 40.6 - 53.3cm

Fits Hips/Waist : 28" - 48" / 71.1 - 121.9cm

Packed Dimensions : 20.5" x 10.5" x 9" / 52.1cm x 26.7cm x 22.9cm

Review Pros :

Excellent Quality – I’ve had zero issues with this pack since I got this in over 6 months ago.

Very comfortable – fits perfect and becomes a part of your body

Light weight

Lots of pockets and storage areas – presents you with many options for stowing your gear – enough space for most day adventures

Easy to access pockets -

Good ventilation – you will sweat with enough excursion but it certainly could be worse.

Exterior stretch pocket is excellent drying items and even for carrying a bike helmet

Good looking bag – others must agree as I have received numerous emails about this pack since I began testing it out.

Evenly distributes the weight.

Stretch mesh waist belt makes the pack even more comfortable; moves with you

Excellent water bottle pockets which allow for you to use the compression straps to hold your bottles securely

Excellent adjustments with loadlifters and waist belt

Review Cons :

While this pack is comfortable, I wouldn’t say the shoulder straps are the worlds most comfortable. No included rain cover

Summary :

This has become my go-to day activity bag and I have used it for travel, day hiking, biking, and more.

Is the pack worth the money? In my opinion, yes; it’s fully adjustable, comfortable, breathes well, plenty of pockets and the design is intuitive as is the layout.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

$60 Tent? Target Exclusive Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Tent - First Look

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Today in this Episode :

Luke just got in the Target Exclusive Sierra Designs Crescent 2 Person Tent and is going to do a setup while discussing quality and potential issues.

Agenda Free Link :

Price : $60

Claimed Weight : 6.48lbs


Good interior space

Rounded, streamlined shape adds strength and good wind resistance

Quick, easy set up

Freestanding - don't need to be staked to be supported, but should be staked in wind or open areas

Dimensions (Overall): 54 inches (L) x 84 feet (W) x 44 inches (H) Packed Dimensions: 5.5 inches (L) x 24 inches (W) x 5.5 inches (H) Includes: 6 ground stakes, carrying bag, rainfly

Features: Climate-control venting system, electrical port, gear loft, mesh ceiling, mesh vents, organizer pockets, reinforced stitching, roof vents, shock-cord poles

Floor Material : Polyethylene

Body Waterproof Rating: 600mm Rainfly Material: 185T taffeta Polyester Pole Material: Fiberglass Stake Material: Steel Ceiling Material: Polyester Protective Qualities: Wind-resistant, Waterproof, water-resistant, UV-resistant, Flame Retardant Season compatibility: 3 season

Claims :

Great for lightweight camping Large exterior storage space Breathable mesh body with full-coverage rainfly Quick set up in 5 minutes - clip system Gear loft and convenient lantern loop Electronic port 10 year limited warranty


Waterproofing - 600mm hydrostatic rating - this is incredibly low and any rating below 1000mm isn’t considered to be waterproof. To be honest, I didn’t know that the rating even went this low but after some research I discovered that this is the same rating that most Ozark tents have which explains why they are perform so badly in the rain.

Keep in mind that for every person who says that their Ozark tent didn’t leak there are ten people who had bad experiences. If you got lucky, good for you. Moving on.

I’ve never seen a company refer to vents as climate control before.

Electronic pass through - can bugs get through?


I will be reviewing this tent honestly and with an open mind just as I do with all products that I test out. I purchased this with my own money and the only agenda here to is to provide information so that you can make an educated purchase decision.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Two Chambers? The Double Chambered Sleeping Pad - Yekka Review

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This very well may be the only Double Chambered Sleeping Pad on the market today and my question is this; is this something that is really needed?

In this episode, Luke is reviewing the Yekka Double Chamber Sleeping Pad from Rakaia Designs and will go over the good, the bad and the fake!

Price : Suggested Retail is $87 but currently onsale on Amazon for $35 at the time of filming.

Claimed Weight : 19 Oz

Weight on my scale : 19.6

Agenda Free Link :

Colors : Blue
Air chambers : 2 
R-value : 2.5 
Length : 76.3" (73” when inflated) 
Width : 25.1" (23” when inflated) 
Packed Size : 8.6" X 3.9" 
Thickness : 2“ (1.5” with my measurements) 
Fabric : 20 D Nylon 
Carry bag fabric : 230T recycled polyester (rPET) 
Patch Kit : Yes 
Warranty : Lifetime

Pros :

Fairly lightweight

easy to inflated

Lifetime Warranty – no questions asked.

Comfortable but not the most comfortable sleeping pad and that’s due to thickness.

Good quality valves for inflating and deflating.

Double Chambered does provide additional protection

Sale price makes this pad a good value.

With my testing I’ve had no issues with quality and the sleeping pad has held up well throughout the seasons; around 6 months of use and testing.

Includes a repair kit

Cons :

+Thickness at least with my sleeping pad doesn’t measure up to 2” and when you move around there are occasions when you can feel the ground below you. It’s not uncomfortable by any means but could be more comfortable if thicker.

+ You will only be off of the ground when you are laying flat on the pad; if you sit on it or move around on it you will come into contact with the ground.

+Loud material; if you are a light sleeper this is not the pad for you as it does make a lot of noise as you move on it.

+Not quite as long nor as wide as stated by the company.

+ Full retail price seems a bit expensive to me for the level of comfort which this pad provides.

+ Not sure how practical a double chambered sleeping pad is; yes pads to on occasion have issues but in my years in the outdoors, those issues are rare. In fact, I have only had two issues with leaking sleeping pads over the last 15 years. If it wasn’t a double pad, it would be less expensive and the weight would be less; both aspects interest me more so than the double chamber design.

+ Both chambers can’t be inflated at the same time; if they could, it would make this pad more of an interesting option. Image if it offer 3” of cushion when both chambers were inflated and only 1.5” when there was a leak with one chamber.

+ I couldn’t help but notice the reviews on Amazon and how overwhelmingly positive they were; no one spoke of the issues which I mentioned so I checked with a site which analyzes reviews and the amazon listed was rated an F for a high degree of deception.

In fact, the site stated; 11.4% of the reviews are reliable.

Summary :

Forgetting about the reviews on Amazon, in the end I am going to give the Yekka a passing grade on the merits of the product itself; for the sale price I can recommend it easily. For full retail price, I would like to see a thicker pad; a pad that is more comfortable. For $35 you can overlook the issues because it costs only $35. For $80+, it’s too much even when considering that it is a double chambered pad. If you need more cushion to get a good nights rest, I would recommend a thicker sleeping pad as this is what I would consider 1 step above minimalist.

Minimalist would be a closed-cell foam pad.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

30 Miles on Gravel - Explore, Cook and Camp

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In this Episode : The Lone Wolf has discovered 30 miles of gravel roads which lead deep into the Pisgah National Forest and sets off to explore them!

Thank you for joining for this overnight adventure.


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

WHAT'S IN THE BOX! - Viewer Mail Episode #79

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The generosity of our viewers continues to blow us away; thank you all for the kindness which you have blessed us with.

This is Viewer Mail Episode $79!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Kelty One Man Field Tent - Real World Review

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This is the review of the Kelty 1 Man Field Tent after almost a year of use! Good, Bad and Improvements which need to be made.

Link :

Price : $200 retail but on sale for $90 at the time of filming at the Kelty web site.

Weight : Kelty Claims : Packaged Weight: 5 lbs. 3 oz. / 2.4 kg but it is actually (on my scale, the tent weighs a good it more at just a bit over 6lbs (6lbs .3oz)

I’ve been testing this tent out since November of 2019 and it is time to pass on my review. I’ve spent a lot of time in this tent and have both good and bad things to say about it. It’s far from perfect but for the money, if you are interested in a tactical military style tent, it is a very interesting option to consider.

There are two version of this pack available – an import version and a made in the USA version.

I’ve discussed this previously and my review is for the import version but should apply for the USA version as well.

Features :

Reinforcement material along mesh seams for pole connections

70D nylon ripstop with 3,000mm coating

70D mesh

2 pole configuration with compact folding size for easy packing

Fly available in MC/ OCP/ ALPINE

Compact folding size for easy packing and saving space

Designed to pack in a cube shape to better fit in a pack

· Dimensions: 31 in x 85 in

Packed Dimensions: 15 in x 11 in x 5 in

Floor: 19 ft2

Peak Height: 43 in

Min Weight: 4 lbs

Packaged Weight: 5 lbs. 3 oz.

Review Pros :

I like the square pack size; I haven’t seen this before and it does fit better inside of a backpack.

The tent is substantial and it is strong – features the thickest floor material that I have seen in a tent

Easy to setup and break down.

Retail price of $200 isn’t bad for a military grade tent. The sale price of $90 is INSANELY GOOD.

Easy to get into and out of.

Dual doors are excellent.

Good size vestibules.

Awning is awesome.

Stakes are good; I’ve bent them but they haven’t broken on me.

Tent looks awesome in my opinion.

Good size; wide enough and tall enough

Check length with tape measure – who is it for?

100% waterproof when vents are closed; has handled 3 days of rain without any leaks. According to Kelty the tent features a 3,000mm hydrostatic head rating….

Includes a foot print

Multiple ways to setup the tent

2 person version available.

Lots of hanging loops inside of the tent

Good zippers

Plenty of guy off points

Review Cons :

The Top Vents flat out suck. Absolutely terrible location and design. The lip allows for rain and snow to enter the tent body. If there is a chance of rain, close those vents or you might be sorry.

Ventilation is exceptionally poor but, thanks to the design all of the moisture that collects on the inside of the fly will run down the walls to the ground. Doesn’t come into contact with the body unless the tent is really shaking.

Moisture will also collect on the walls of the body.

Materials are not breathable and that is true with the fly and the body.

Water repellent coating was strange from the beginning; it left a strange residue on my fingers when I first got it and has begun coming off; where that is the case, there are slight discolorations taking place.

So far this hasn’t affected waterproofness but it is noticeable.

Fixes the Company should make :

They need to be redesigned.

Fly needs additional stake out points on the sides to assist with air flow and ventilation.

Tent body features a bathtub floor but the walls are very high; so high in fact that the fly doesn’t need to always down to the floor. Either raise the fly a bit and keep the high walls or lower the walls for additional air flow and keep the fly the same.

With all of the stake out points, attaching bungie line would make setting up this tent much easier and would provide a tighter pitch.

The $600 made in the USA version of this tent is 100% not worth the money; it has WAY TO MANY problems for $600.

Summary :

There is no telling how much longer the sale price is going to last or whether this product will be on the market for much longer; if you want a good military style tent and can deal with its shortcomings, this is one that I recommend taking a look at.

The overall quality is very good, it’s a tough tent that hasn’t leaked a drop in my testing but be prepared for moisture buildup especially if you seal the tent up in foul weather. If you decide to get this tent I would recommend bringing a towel with you to wipe up moisture as it collects. This will help with keeping drying time in the morning before heading off.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Thunderstorms - Continuing to Explore the Campground - Part 2

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Lightning Strikes and Thunder Rolls with Luke returning to the closed campground to continue exploring the area.

This is part 2 of a 2 part adventure.

Link to Part 1 :

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

10,000 Lumens of Power - Fenix LR35R – Prototype Preview

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Luke has gotten his hands on a Prototype of an upcoming Fenix Flashlight; the Fenix LR35R!

It offers 10,000 Lumens in a small form factor and in this episode he shares his experiences and thoughts.

Cost : $200

Agenda Free Link :

Weight with Batteries and Lanyard : 13.7oz

Who is it designed for : searching, rescuing and law enforcement.

Ratings :

Eco : 50 (80H runtime)

Low : 450 (8.5hr)

Med : 1200 (3h 15m)

High : 3000 (1.5hr)

Turbo : 10,000 9 (1hr 20)

Strobe : 10,000

Max Throw : 500m

LR35R Battery : Two included 21700 rechargeable li-ion batteries

ip68 rated – dust proof and waterproof to 2m

Size : 5.5” long x head 2.0

On/off :

With the light unlocked and switched off, press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on the light.

With the light switched on, press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off the light.

Output Selection :

In general mode, single click the switch to cycle through Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo.

Mode Switching :

In general mode, press and hold the switch for 1.2 seconds to enter strobe; single click the switch again to turn back to the last used output in general mode.

Lock/Unlock :

Lock : with the light unlocked and switched off, double click the switch to lock the light, the light will blink twice on Eco to indicate locked status.

Unlock : with the light locked and switched off, double click the switch, the light will be unlocked and activated on Eco.

In locked status, clicking or pressing the switch will activate 2 one-second blinks on Eco to indicate locked status.

Battery Replacement Unscrew the tail cap to insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head, then screw the tail cap back on. Intelligent Memory Circuit

The light memorizes the last selected output of general mode. When turned on again the previously used output of general mode will be recalled.

Intelligent Overheat Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when used on Med, High, Turbo output level for extended periods. When the light reaches a temperature of 65°C or above, the light will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature. When the temperature drops below 65°C, it will then allow the user for the reselection of Turbo mode.

Low Voltage Warning When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Eco output is reached. When this happens in Eco output, the battery level indicator blinks to remind you to recharge or replace the battery.

Battery Level Indication With the light switched off, single click the switch to check the battery status, the indicator will last for 3seconds.

Green light on : saturated 100% – 85%

Green light flashes : sufficient 85% – 50%

Red light on : poor 50% – 25%

Red light flashes : critical 25% – 1%

Note : The indicator will display for 3 seconds each time the general mode is switched on.

First switch off the light and plug the USB A socket of the charging cable into an electrical outlet, then connect the USB Type-C socket of the charging cable to the light.

The indicator will display red while charging, and will turn to green when fully charged.

Once charging is completed, be sure to close the anti-dust cover.


Only Eco output level is available when charging.

The normal charging time is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes from depletion to full charging.

Recharge a stored light every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.

6 Luminus SST40 LED’s with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

10,000 lumens maximum output; 500 meters maximum beam distance.

Included 2 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion power batteries.

USB Type-C charging port.

Battery level indication for instant checking of remaining battery level.

Lockout function avoids accidental activation.

Intelligent overheat protection against high surface temperature.

Intelligent memory circuit recalls the last used brightness level.

Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.


Two ARB-L21-4000P rechargeable li-ion batteries, Type-C charging cable, holster, lanyard, spare O-ring


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Monday, June 29, 2020

European Military - Warrior Assault Systems X300 Backpack

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If you love military surplus and tactical gear, this is a backpack which you should take a look at! This is the Warrior Assault Systems X300 Ruck and it has some very unique features!

Link :

Price : $319.13

Weight : 6.8lbs approx.

Colors : OD, Coyote, and Multicam

Special Thanks to military shop for making this agenda free review possible. Militaryshop who is also known as tacsale is one of the very few sources that I have been able to find for this pack. They are from Latvia and their site is setup for US shipping and features paypal protection and so on.

Warrior Assault Systems :

About Warrior Assault Systems Warrior Assault Systems is a UK Company with offices in Hereford and manufacturing and warehousing in the North of England. Warrior was established in 2006 with a specific mission; to design and manufacture high quality tactical nylon products, made from the best quality materials, at prices that the average user could afford. Over the years Warrior has been used in combat by some of the best military units from around the globe.

Materials : 500D Nylon fabric features dyed yarns are inherently stain resistant and easy to clean.

Highest quality nylon threads imported from the USA which are treated against both UV and Mildew.

YKK Zippers UTX Buckles MOLLE WEBBING Aluminum frame

25mm (1 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1200 lbs

Forward : This pack has been on the market since 2015 and has since its introduction earned a good reputation overseas for being a high quality tactical pack.

The X300 is an outstanding medium to long range Patrol Pack.

Features : The X300 was designed with specific input from SF units with a requirement for a strong yet light weight versatile pack which allowed for compartmentalized storage with top and middle opening and exceptional comfort. The requirement was for features such as removable padded belt system variable height Harness adjustment 5 external storage pouches with large main compartment. Narrow design allows for efficient movement in a wide variety of environments ( excellent in Urban Environments Narrow Streets Door Ways Houses etc ). The X300 has 3 x Man Down handles ( 1 x Top Center 1 x left side 1 x right side ) which allows for 2 man rapid extraction of casualty.

Access is via a Helmet friendly Top Opening lid with Claymore Style heavy duty zipped pouch on top side also features map style pocket on the inside. Additional access is via the large reinforced center pocket this features a heavy duty size 10 sealed seam zip which opens into a medium sized quick access pocket ( the flap opens top to bottom ) this main external pocket is lined with a heavy duty air mesh fabric which has a similar zip which opens ( bottom to top ) allowing convenient access to the middle and bottom of the pack.

The entire pack is covered in 1″ Inch MOLLE Webbing which allows the attachment of various pouches to increase carrying capacity.


Main Compartment 23″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″ (600mm x 300mm x 220mm) No 1 Outer Compartment 2″ x 11.5″ x 10″ (50mm x 30mm x 260mm) No 2 Outer Compartment 14.5″ x 10″ x 2″ (370mm x 260mm x 60mm) No 3 Outer Compartment 1″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″ (30mm x 300mm x 120mm)

Capacity : 55 – 60 Liter – To me, it seems closer to the 55L mark.


Review Pros :

I love the overall design of this pack and in fact, it makes me interested in other products from Warrior Assault Systems. It’s obvious that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into this pack and features elements which are uncommon especially in tactical levels packs.

Good looking pack

Narrow profile

Comfortable to wear; more comfortable than many military packs that I have used – I‘ve easily carried 35lbs without any issues and in fact, noticed the weight very little.

Excellent quality.

Top notch materials

Tons of webbing for customizing and expansion

Lots of pocks for organizing.

Cost in my opinion isn’t a negative as high end materials cost money. You get what you pay for.

Dual access is awesome!

Including rain cover

Review Cons :

My only con is that the waist belt hardware seems to slip when hiking and I’ve noticed that every couple of hours I would have to make an adjustment.

The pack is heavy empty especially for the size; this is because of the high grade of materials.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Taking Shelter from the Cold Rain - Day Camp Adventure Part 1

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Storms have reached the area and heavy rain is falling. The winds are blowing, it's cold and hypothermia is a real risk; thank you for joining the Lone Wolf on his latest stormy weather adventure!

This is part 1 of a 2 part adventure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We Can't Believe That Someone Made This For Us - Viewer Mail Episode #78

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Our incredible viewers have made some incredible gifts for us and today we are to show off a few of them including this mugs!


It is mail time once again and as always, we are so incredibly thankful for our viewers and friends who have taken the time to write and to share with us.

We appreciate you all!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Stop Ticks Now and Be Safe - This Method Works!

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These are the steps that I take to stay TICK FREE when I'm out in the forest or on the trail. An added benefit is that it also works against mosquitos, nats, and other bugs.

This process works on Skin, Clothing and Gear!

Two aspects, repellant for the skin and an insecticide for clothing and gear.

Starting with the insecticide, I use Permethrin;

Permethrin is a pesticide that you spray on clothing to kill black flies, ticks, and mosquitoes but has no harmful side effects on humans if used properly. It is the active ingredient used in Insect Shield and Buzz Off clothing and kills bugs when they land on your clothing. You can buy Permethrin Spray in liquid form and spray it on your own clothes; you can also purchase this in large amounts and dilute but for simplicity.

Supposedly permethrin is nontoxic once it dries for humans; is this true, I have no idea. What I can tell you is that it works.

As an interesting fact, Permethrin was developed by the U.S. military to protect soldiers from insects in the jungle and also, the military was the first to feature military tent bodies which were treated with permethrin to repel bugs. This is something that is becoming more and more common now with the civilian market.

With permethrin, I’ll treat all clothing; Shirt, pants, socks, shoes

If you wear a hat, treat the outside

Allow to sir dry Do not treat skin

When applied to clothing, it lasts for 4-6 cold water washings.

Virtually Odorless and colorless.

With such a product, think of it as putting a layer of protection on your clothes;

I don't put it on so heavy that it soaks through the materials - just enough to damp them. Around the cuffs where ticks can get in, I will treat those areas liberally.

Some people will literally soak their clothing and gear in permethrin but have never felt that this was necessary.

Permethrin Last for weeks and multiple washings. If I'm going out into areas which I believe will be tick heavy, I will go ahead and reapply

As soon as I get in from a trip I will shower and will wash my clothing.

..... Let’s talk about ticks and how they work for a second;

Ticks can't jump as they are crawling insects that latch on to their victims as you pass by whatever they are on. Grass, bushes, weeds, etc.

This could be your pants, latch on to your shirt, or even your shoes. With your shoes, this is why you treat your socks; once in your shoes where do they go?

Up, looking for skin.

If you don't treat your socks, it is possible to be in the situation where the treatment has worn to the point where they don't die but they don't want to be on those materials and if your socks aren't treat they will move from your shoes to your socks and then up your leg.

For the same reason, it is important to treat your skin and for this I used Off and it works well for me.

I've tried using all natural products and I have yet to see a single one that really works

Treating Gear : Here's a pro tip for you all; you can treat some of your gear with permethrin and this is a really good idea as it prevent ticks from latching on she you out your pack down on the ground or when walking passed them in the forest, field, etc.

I would highly recommend doing a sample area first to ensure that it doesn't discolor the fabric or cause other issues.

As long as you don't have issues with discoloring, you can treat your pack and even the body of your tent. I wouldn't treat the fly of your tent as it may interfere with one of it's coatings.

Permethrin can be found with numerous application types including sprays, airesols and even lotions. I haven't tried the lotions myself as my method works well for me.

Can be purchased premix or in large amounts which you will have to dilute. I prefer premixed for ease of use.

Cost : 24oz Spray bottle is around $16 - 18oz aerosol is around $15. I would go with the spray as the Nossle tends to be more reliable that the aerosol variant. Also you get more for less.

Makers : Sawyer brand is the most popular and common and is all that I have personally used. If it works, why change right? Repel has a version, Ben’s has one too and there are other companies.

Note: This is the method which I personally use to lessen the odds of issues with ticks and it had worked well for me across the country with my travels.

For anyone who is going to give this options a try, I would suggest treating an article of clothing and going out for a quick hike to ensure that you don't have any sort of personal allergies or reaction to this product. I have never heard of anyone having issues but it's the smart thing to do.