Monday, July 12, 2021

Being Waterproof Isn't Everything - Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 2 Review

After countless months of testing it is time to pass on my review of the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 2 tent.

This tent offers the New Standard when it comes to waterproof tents but being waterproof isn't everything!

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Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 2 - Review

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Price : I bought this on Amazon for $90 but the retail price at Jack Wolfskin USA is $180.

Weight : 5lbs

Person : The company claims 2 person

Colors : Mountain Green (which you see here) and Cactus Green which is fairly bright

Further details
Door : 1 large door that opens on both sides
Persons: 2

Inner Tent Measurements : Measure with Tape Measure

Vestibule depth: 31.5”

Packing size: 22.4” x 6.6”

tunnel tent design
inner tent/ flysheet combination
Bathtubs floor
2 internal storage pockets
Suspension line inside of the tent
reflectors on main guying points and zips
11 pegs, 2 guylines

POLYESTER 75D: lightweight, robust, fast drying and UV resistant fabric with PU coating, used for tent flysheets (4000 mm water column)
MOSQUITO MESH 40D: fine gauge, lightweight mosquito mesh (inner tent)
HYDROFILM POLYESTER 150D: durable, waterproof coated groundsheet fabric (water column rating: 10,000 mm)
DAC ALUMINIUM 7001: very lightweight aluminum tent poles (8.7 mm)
roll-top pack bag
Forward :

This has been my first experience with Jack Wolfskin and I can tell you that I am in fact impressed for the most part. The Gossamer II isn’t perfect but all in all it is a great tent.

I’ve heard from a handful of viewers from outside of the USA who had very good things to say about JWS but a common complaint was price; everyone stated that outside of the USA, JWS charges premium prices but the quality is excellent.

With Snugpak dropping in quality over the years, this tent really interested me so I bought one and here we are.

In case you don’t know, the Gossamer 1 is a version of the Snugpak Ionosphere tent which I really like.

With the Goassamer II, it is a larger two Persian variant of the Ionosphere.

Review Pros :
Very good quality construction
Excellent materials
Impressively waterproof
Good airflow
Setup is easy and fast
I love the green color
Price is very fair for this tent
Dry line is a nice feature
Lots of space for two people
Good amount of space to change clothes and move around.
Low profile, dark colors make for an excellent stealth camp tent

Review Cons :
It is a heavy tent for being a 2 person
The size of the tent stored is very large and will take a fairly large tent to carry it.
Availability of this tent is limited - it was offered via the company on Amazon but thanks to Covid related limitations, it hasn’t been in stock for a while now and who knows when it will return to US stores. This is also for sale on the jack WS USA web site but is currently sold out.
Can be difficult to seal tent up completely to stop bugs from getting in due to the way that the zippers come together and the material that covers the zippers on the inside of the tent
Zippers get caught frequently on the mesh screen tie ups and will be a source of fiddling

Summary :
To summarize, I really like this tent even though it does have a few flaws. It’s large, heavy and the design of the zippers with the door could be much better but for the money, this is a high quality tent that Ican easily recommend.

The Gossamer II has blown me away with its waterproofness; as I mentioned in the Test Night Episode for this tent, it went through more rain that any tent I have tested and it did so flawlessly.

It’s a gold standard for waterproofing!

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