Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Japanese Quality and Design - SOTO Navigator Cook Set Review - Impressiv...

Luke is back with an Agenda Free Review of the SOTO Navigator Cook Set which is a Japanese kit which is very unique.

While smartly designed some improvements could be made....

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SOTO Navigator Japanese Cookset Review

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Price : $70

Cookset Components - Weight and Capacity :
Entire Kit : 16.7oz
Aluminum Large pot w/ lid : 6.8oz - 1800ml
Aluminum Smaller pot w/ lid : 5.2oz
Smaller pot cozy and lid : 1.7oz - 1300ml - company claims to keep your food 6 times longer

Microfiber Stow bag
Pot Grabber : 1.2oz

Nylon Stow Bag

Resin lids can be used as a cutting board or as a canister stabilizer

Aluminum Pot grabber handle/tongs

Dimensions : 7.5 x 3.6

Review Pros :
Top notch quality Cookset
Excellent design
Versatile - can carry entire kit or scale down if needed
Pot sizes are excellent and allow for single person use or group
Stuff bags for each pot
Cozy works very well
Handle/tongs work extremely well
Nonslip on pots?
Strainer lids
Lids have hole for grabber
Big enough to hold fuel canister and stove in small pot

Good value when compared to other name brand offerings

Review Cons :
Lacking a pan
Going back to price, I spoke of this as a pro when compared to name brands, the flip side to that is that if you look at nonname brands, Chinese products specifically this Cookset is expensive as you can locate more for less.

Summary :

While there are many excellent Cookset out on the market, this is another that easily receives my approval. It’s a smartly designed Japanese set that’s lightweight, functional, versatile and also adaptable.

Soto is a company that makes some really awesome products, many I have reviewed and there are others that I am currently testing out including a butane lantern and the Windmaster stove. Both products are excellent so far!

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  1. In Reference to the pull tab on those lids... instead of lifting.
    . Why not slide the lid across the pot and spare the fingers the steambath?

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