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Insane Value, You Won't Believe It - Carinthia Defence 1 Sleeping Bag Re...

The Value of this sleeping bag will impress you!

This is the Carinthia Defence 1 and when it comes to a synthetic sleeping bag, in my opinion this is a no brainer.  

The quality is top notch, the temp rating is excellent, it’s a versatile bag that can be added to other Defence bags to create very low temp sleep systems.

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Carinthia Defence 1 Sleeping Bag Review

Price : $117 for the Medium, $123 for the Large

Color : Olive 

Temp Range : Comfort Range 39F, Extreme 14F 

Sizes : Medium and Large sizes

Size       Rec. height    Length    Width*    Weight           Comp. size
Medium.  Up to 6' 1"    7' 0.5"    33.5"    2.3 lb            7" x 10"
Large        Up to 6' 7"    7' 6.5"    34.5"    2.64 lb             7" x 11"

*Measured at shoulder height

Shellproof outer shell - a lightweight, hard-wearing, ripstop reinforced and specially treated polyamide which is both wind and waterproof (1000 mm), yet breathable.

Shelltrans lining - a soft to the skin ripstop reinforced polyamide with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities keeps you comfortable through the night.

Thermoflect, a very thin, very lightweight aluminium material that reflects body heat. Thermoflect raises the sleeping bags heat-retaining capacity by about 11 %.

G-Loft filling - Carinthia's own, in-house "hollow-fibre", made in Austria. Highly compressible, excellent weight-insulation ratio and also moisture resistant, meaning that it will work even under long-term use in damp conditions.

Defence 1 uses single layered, lightweight G-Loft filling. In this lightweight design, the outer shell is loosely attached to the bag. 

The G-LOFT Plus filling is quilted to an insulating scrim. As a result, an additional air pocket is formed between the quilted insulation layer and the shell, yet no cold seams can occur.

Features :
Two way zippers
Bag is designed to have enough space in the bottle of the bag for shoe bag or extra clothing
Designed for military purposes but luckily it isn’t so overly built that it can’t be use by civilians.
Zipper Baffle 
Mummy Shape 

Carinthia is a well-known sleeping bag and existence gear manufacturer. Outside of their homeland Austria they have equipped many European countries, including Scandinavia and our very own Finnish Defence Forces too! Carinthia manufactures their products in Moldova.

My experiences :
Before moving to the pros and cons, I want to share my experiences with this bag;

I have been testing this out for a good part of the spring and summer and to say that I have been impressed is an understatement.  

The coldest conditions that I have used this bag are down to 40F which is basically the rating of this bag and I was incredibly comfortable.  With regular clothing for myself, I go even lower temp wise and be comfortable and in the future I will have a followup review discussing the performance in that regards.

Review Pros :
Awesome quality
Impressive price
True Temp Rating
Very warm
Very durable Bag
Fairly lightweight for being a military bag
Fairly compressible with a reasonable stuff size
Excellent military grade materials 
Can be used with other Defence sleeping bags to create extremely warm sleep systems.
Smooth zippers

Review Cons :
Obvious : not the smallest or the lightest bag but one should expect this with the bag being designed for military purposes

Summary :
When it comes to a synthetic sleeping bag, in my opinion this sleeping bag is a no brainer.  The quality is top notch, the temp rating is excellent, it’s a versatile bag that can be added to other defence bags to create very low temp sleep systems.

The price is awesome and I can easily recommend it.


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