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Buying This Was a Huge Mistake - NatureHike 60+10L Ultralight Backpack R...

After a great deal of testing it has become clear, this is one of the worst backpacks I have ever tested.  Uncomfortable on a scale that is completely unacceptable.

This should be removed from the market immediately.

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NatureHike 60+10L Ultralight Backpack Review

Cost : $90 on Amazon - retail is $110 and that’s on the NH web site & that is the Nylon Version.

Versions : There is a 40+5L version, the 60+5L Nylon materials & there is 60+5L Dyneema version which is more expensive.

Colors : NH Refers to this as black but it is grey to me.  It is also available in Blue

This version features 420D Nylon, YKK zippers

Weight : 2.56lbs

Dimensions : 26.38 x 10.23 x 7.09 in

Max Loadout Weight : 30.8lbs

Sex : Uni

Review Pros :
Overall quality is good
Frame is very good - uncommon with a pack of this design
Pack has plenty of space but it requires you to pack it high; narrow design
Good strap adjustment capability 
Harness pocket is big enough for your phone
Good compression straps on the sides which double as gear retentioners.  You can strap in trekking poles, a tripod and so on easily.
From mess pocket is excellent and can be used to store wet items; jacket, rain fly, tarp, etc.
Rain cover included and it works

Review Cons :
Hip pockets are insanely small - you can get most phones to fit but that’s it. Has to be very flat items.
The Biggest problem for this pack is the shoulder harness and the amount of space between them.  You have 3.25” of space which is simply not wide enough for most people. 
 My neck is around 5.5” wide and because of that the harness rubs aggressively the sides of my throat and is uncomfortable.  It will rub you raw.
Only comfortable when wearing a sweater or thicker layers.
No torso adjustment and there is no provided information from NH about range this was made for.  Based upon my use, I believe 18” to 20” makes sense but that’s only a rough ballpark - if you are tall or really short, you may find this pack to fit incorrectly.
Harness pocket is not big enough for all water bottles; some simply won’t fit and it will be a very tight fit for small bottles
Sternum strap is LOW and is only adjustable moving downwards.  Terrible design! For me, it sits below my pecks;I don’t know how to best to word this, for women it is very low and sits across their chest & is uncomfortable for every woman I have let try this out.
There is a hydration port but no way to hold a bladder inside of the pack; no sleeve, no hooks. 
Water bottle pockets on the sides of the pack can’t be reached easily with the pack on.
Larger individuals will find the waist belt to be small.
Ventilation is merely ok with this pack - hike hard enough & it is warm enough, the mesh will soak in sweat. 

Summary :
This has been an interesting product to review & by the way, I purchased it with my own money; Agenda Free All The Way!

This pack has some useful features but features some very limiting design choices. 

For an example;
If you have a torso length below 18” or above 20, I would not recommend this pack.

If you have neck wider that 3” I would suggest skipping this pack…which sounds incredibly stupid to say because only a child which this pack wasn’t designed for would have a neck that small.

Weird sternum strap placement can make this pack completely useable and it is going to be impossible to know whether it will work for you or not unless you try it on.  The placement makes the pack fit strangely for some body types.

For many women, the sternum strap is too low & is too uncomfortable.  Larger the chest size

To sum it up, do I recommend this pack?  No I don’t.  It features some of the worst design features I have ever seen & the odds are, it won’t fit you correctly in some form or fashion.  

NH needs to pull this product from the market & makes some serious alterations as it simply won’t work for most people.  Yes, the price is good but that means nothing if the pack isn’t comfortable to use.  

By the way, the way that NH describes this pack I find irritating;
“Multi-purpose - Lightweight and easy to carry, it is compact and suitable for outdoor/climbing/travel/camping/commuting/business trip/school/sports/gym/hiking/motorcycle/town use/disaster prevention.”

That’s a bunch of bullsh*t and so is this backpack. 

NatureHike, this is a complete failure and folks, it isn’t worth your money.

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