Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Put It Together Yourself - BITTY BIG Q Titanium 450ml Cup with Cutlery Set

Luke is back with an Agenda Free Review of the BITTY BIG Q Titanium 450ml Cup with Cutlery Set!

Unfortunately it simply misses the mark for the money.

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BITTY BIG Q Titanium 450ml Cup with Cutlery Set Review
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Price : $40

—- Includes —-
Storage Bag for Cup -
450ml Cup
Storage Bag for Cutlery -
Foldable Spoon
Foldable Fork
Foldable Knife

—- Weight —-
Full Kit including Storage Bag : 5.4oz
Cup : 2.8oz
Cutlery Set with bag : 2.1oz
Storage Bag : .6oz

Materials :
Titanium and stainless

Measurements : 4” tall x 3” wide

Review Pros :

Very lightweight.
Good quality materials
Fair quality construction
Makes for a good coffee cup

Grab tab is rigid and will stand up for easy lid removal
There is a drain hole

Good storage bag; adequately sized for ease of getting it out and putting it in.

Butterfly handles are comfortable even though they are inconsistent - one swings around rather easily while the other is stiff

Measurement markers -

Review Cons :

While this cup will hold 450ml, that is filled all the way to the top which makes 450ml unrealistic in many situations and uses.

Pricey for a titanium cup and cutlery set -
You can get a Toaks 450ml titanium cup with lid for $25 and a long handled spoon for less than this kit and it would be more functional and cost $4-$5 less. You could save even more money by going with nonname brands.

There is a drain hole but it would have been if there was more than one. Not only for dragining but for the releasing of steam; that is important when boiling water, if you aren’t watching closely, the water will boil, the escaping steam will overwhelm the lid and you can easily have a mess on your hands not to mention there is a potential for getting burned.

The cutlery is just ok in my opinion; because it is having to fit into such a small cup, the overall sizes of each utensil is small and short;
Not suitable for freeze dried meals - you will get your hands covered unless you are removing the meal from the bag into a bowl or plate.
Would like to have seen a spork instead of a spoon and spork; that would make the kit lighter in terms of weight but would make it less expensive.
Locking the handles isn’t the easiest thing to do or to release
Lid doesn’t fit completely with the cutlery inside of the cup

Summary :
To wrap up this review, the question is, would I recommend this to anyone to purchase and the answer is no. While I like the small size of the cup, it works well in conjunction with a larger pot such as a 750ml I don’t care for the utensils.

You can piece together a better kit, one that is more suitable for the average outdoor adventure for less.

This company makes a foldable grill which Susie and I like, unfortunately this misses the mark. Review on the grill is coming up soon.
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