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Is a Quilt For You? - UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt Review

Insanely Lightweight and Very Warm, this really is the Best of Both Worlds....

This is a sleep system which can be used in both ways; a sleeping bag for colder conditions and a quilt for warmer nights.

In this review of the UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt, Luke is going over the pros and cons of this Ultralight product.
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Insanely Lightweight and Warm - UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt Review

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Weight : 1lb 9.5oz includes silpoly Stuff Sack

Customization :

Because it is custom made, you can order these any way that you like - decide on the length, width, fill and so on.

Materials :
Inner Shell is an M10T and comes in a ton of colors
Outer Shell has a ton of choices including MRS20, M10T, OD INK and so on. You can get all sorts of colors, patterns, Camos and more.

The options that I went with :
Fill Power: 850
Temp Rating: 40 F
Width: 65"
Length: 66"
Overstuff: YES
Overstuff Footbox: YES
Inner Shell Color: M10T Black
Outer Shell Fabric: MRS20 Fabric
Outer Shell Color: MRS20 Khaki
Draft Collars: Both Locations
Taper Style: NO Taper
Pad Attachment: NONE
Spare Strap: NO
Storage Sack: No

Cost : $400 ($393.95)

Price :
Yes the price is high but compared to other handmade ultralight quilts, this is one of the least expensive options out there.

Review Pros :
Excellent handmade quality

Price is very fair considering this is a handmade, high quality price of kit. When compared to other cottage companies and their offerings, the prices are lower than many.

Excellent warmth to weight ratio! - My bag is rated for 40F but I have pushed it to around 30F and I was very comfortable. I run hot though...everyone is different.

Very compressible

Ability to use it is as sleeping bag, blanket and quilt is awesome.
Versatile - because it can be used in so many ways means you can use this product in a wider range of temp ranges.

Customization means that you can have a product made for you that you specifically need to your specs.

Full length zipper - Easy to get into and out of.

Foot box can be opened or closed

Can be cinched to your sleeping pad when using it as a quilt
Draft collars work very well and do a great job of hold heat in at the top and bottom

Lifetime warranty

Review Cons :
Because this is a hybrid bag, it isn’t the best sleeping bag due to the fact that there isn’t a hood and also, it is a bit roomer than a sleeping bag which can allow for more air inside of the bag that your body needs to warm. A mummy bag would fit closer and be a slight bit warmer.

At 40F for me, this isn’t that big of a deal but if you were to go with a lower rated bag it might be.

Warmer than a quilt, not as warm as a sleeping bag. With that being said, this hybrid is warmer than some other hybrid bags that I have as the baffles run vertically and the insulation allows for very little gaps between your body and the materials.

No draft collar for the zipper - you do have a wind block but not a draft collar; again, it really depends on what temp rating that you go with as to how big of a deal this is.

Pricey : No matter how you swing it, this is pricey. For some people this piece of gear is going to make sense. For others, it won’t. That’s how it goes.

Summary :

Throughout the spring, summer and going into the fall, this bag has proven itself to be an excellent sleeping bag. I love the versatility, the low weight and the overall warmth. I have used this inside of tents, under tarps, inside of Bivy in a wide range of conditions and it has excelled everywhere. I have ever used this in a hammock and it simply rocks.

The quality is top notch, it’s American made, can be used in many different ways including in a hammock and I easily can recommend it for those who want a hybrid bag that they can use in a variety of conditions and seasons and for those who have the money.

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  1. hi, thanks for the review. Any thoughts on the MRS20 vs the M10 option for the outer? I guess it's a balance between weight, compressibility, etc.? Thanks.