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This One Feature Makes this Hammock Incredibly Special - Hennessy Ultral...

Many know that I primarily used hammocks for over 10 years and while my preference has shifted over to tents now, many have asked about the hammock system that I personally use.

This is the Hennessy Ultralight Asym Hammock and it has a feature which makes it incredibly awesome!

Join me today for an Agenda Free Review of an excellent Ultralight Hammock system.

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Hennessy Ultralight Backpacker Hammock

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This is considered by most to be the most comfortable ultralight hammock on the market

Price : $230

Versions :
There is the Asym Zip and the Classic; the Asym is a side entry while the Classic is a bottom entry. These days, side entry is the standard and if you haven’t used a bottom entry before it is going to be very strange until you get accustomed to it. Bottom entry is often referred to as birthing hammocks...which is pretty funny. The Classic version is slightly less expensive at $220.

Sleeping Capacity - 1-person
Weight Capacity (lbs) - 200 pounds

Packed Size - 6 x 9 inches but larger with snake skins and stuff bag
Floor Dimensions - 100 x 47 inches
Canopy Fabric - Nylon taffeta with polyester no-see-um mesh
Rainfly Fabric - Coated silnylon

Weight :
Minimal weight is 1lb 15oz
My kit with snake skins and bag : 2lb 8oz

Snake Skins :

They are two long waterproof nylon tubes that you keep on the ends of the hammock or just rainfly.

When stuffed, your hammock takes on the appearance of a pet boa constrictor in your pack. You can hang the entire shelter without removing the SnakeSkins, meaning everything stays clean and dry on wet, muddy sites. When storing only your tarp, the snakeskins prevent a wet morning dew from soaking everything in your pack and allow you to pitch the tarp first, giving you a dry place to get set up when it's raining.

Review Pros :
Very lightweight
Extremely durable
Excellent quality construction
Excellent materials
Good bug protection
All in one package - suspension, bug next, and tarp are included
Because it includes all of these components, the price is reasonable
Asymmetrical design allows for comfortable side laying and also, you can achieve a flat lay rather easily...once you learn how to set it up correctly.
Very Comfortable with the right setup - speaking of which, for the best setup with this Hennessy, pitch it tightly.
Smooth zippers - mod them for easy open and closing.
Tarp offers good protection from the elements but you have to have the right setup. This is important and I will come back to it.

Review Cons :
Won’t work with all people; taller than 6ft? It’s a no go. If you need a larger hammock Hennessy has plenty of options.
Included 42” tree straps fit trees up to 12” in diameter; You may want to upgrade to larger straps to either the 72 or 96”

Small tarp - often referred to as the Hennessy napkin - large tarps are available for purchase and should be considered in wetter and windier locations.

Tarp is asymmetrical just as the hammock is which means you have to have a perfect setup to be 100% protected from blowing rain.

Because both the hammock and the rain fly are asymmetrical, it can take time to learn how to set this up correctly and effectively. Once you have some experience, you can do this in less than 5 minutes. I want to say this, even if you have a good amount of experience under your belt, it may take some time before you get everything right.

Bug net is not removable
You can put together less expensive kits but they may not be as strong nor as lightweight - Hennessy does have heavier hammocks that are similar which cost a fair amount less.

Review Summary :
If you are seeking one of the lightest weight hammocks on the market, this is it but the question because, will it fit you?

Is this a perfect hammock? No but there are no such things when it comes to any shelter system and that’s why it is important to consider all of the available options and make the right choice.


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