Monday, August 9, 2021

Time is Running Out - US Military Insulated Pneumatic Air Mattress Review

This is one of those rare military surplus items that you should carefully consider purchasing before it is too late!

They are getting rarer and harder to find plus, the shelf-life is running out!

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke is updating his thoughts concerning the US Military Pneumatic Air Mattress; time is running out for these pads and the question is this;

is it a good fit for you?

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US Military Pneumatic Mattress : 

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Price : Around $40 is the going rate; finding 2 for $80 is common

Weight : 3.25lbs

Measurements :
Measures 74 x 30", 5” thick

Color : While it is gray now, these pads originally were Olive Drab in color

Availability : These pads are now very dated but you can still find them with military surplus providers and on sites like eBay. Condition is going to vary greatly - ask questions with the seller if you have them to ensure you get the condition of pad that you are interested in.

Date - May 1985 but I have seen these going back all the way to 1964. Vietnam Era!

Known by many soldiers as the Rubber Bitch

Olive Drab nylon exterior, coated with rubber for toughness in the field

Polyester batting inside to keep cold from rising through the mattress

Military-grade, leak-proof valve and cap. Snap Lock Mouth Piece

The insulated pneumatic mattress is made of rubber-coated nylon cloth and is shaped to conform to the sleeping bag.

Has batting inside each of the channels

Pros :
Very comfortable
You can lay on your side with no issues
Has an awesome military surplus cool factor
Incredible Tough - I’ve used this pad all over the east coast and have never had any issue with it. It just keeps going even after all of these years.
Made in the USA

Cons :
Takes a long time to inflate - seriously….if you pick one of these up you might want to get some sort of air pump as this takes forever!

Review Summary :
Should you buy one of these Pads?
It really depends on what you are after;

If you like military surplus then absolutely.
If comfort is the most important aspect then yes.
If wight matters at all then it might not be the best fit for you.
If pack size is important then other pads might be a better fit for you.

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