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This NatureHike Sleeping Pad is Terrible! - NatureHike "Ultralight" Two ...

This is the one sleeping pad that I would NOT recommend that you purchase!

It's heavy, it takes up a lot of space, it isn't comfortable and it requires a lot of fooling around to get it inflated.

This is the Agenda Free Review of the Double Sided "Ultralight" NatureHike Sleeping Pad.

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NatureHike Ultralight Double Sided Sleeping Pad - Review

Agenda Free Review :

Price : Retail is $70 but at the time of filming it is selling for $50.

Colors : Blue and Grey

Materials : 40D Nylon with TPU coating.

Weight : 2.1lbs

Dimensions Stored : 12” x 4.5”

Stated Dimensions : 76.77 x 24.4 x 3.1inch
Real Dimensions 1 side : 75” x 23.75” x 2.5” but with gaps in between air pockets

Half and Half : same dimensions but there are gaps in between air pockets are filled.

For best results inflate both sides equally; for me that’s roughly 7 breathes on each side.

Double Sided :
This is not a unique feature as there are some companies who have attempted this before. In case you haven’t seen a pad like this before, the pad has a divider in the center that separates the front from the back.

On the front and the back, you will find air valves and that’s because you can inflate both sides and you can do this in numerous ways;

Inflate all of one side or the other or partially inflate both sides.

Why you may ask? The thinking is this, let's say that you are out for a trip and you puncture one side of the pad, that side may go flat but the other side won't.

Again, this is not a unique design and in truth, while creative this functionality doesn’t translate to a comfortable pad and causes a great deal of fooling around.

Review Pros :
Quality is good.
Materials used are good.
With enough time, this pad can be made comfortable enough to sleep on.
Repair patch is included
Valve has an air release stopper so you can inflate and take breaks without the pad losing air. Also, this allows for quick and easy adjustments so you can make a pad softer if need be.
Quick air release valve works well
Inflation takes about 14 breaths, 7 on each side.
It is a long pad good for individuals 6ft and shorter

Review Cons :
Weight - NH loves to refer to this as being lightweight and ultralight; that is complete nonsense as this pad is heavy at over 2lbs. 2lbs might not sound like much but let's put this into perspective, NH has 1 person tents that weigh about the same as this pad.

The company also claims that it has a small size….that really depends on what you are comparing it to. For a summer sleeping pad, it is on the large size.

For the money, you can get MUCH lighter pads that are equally as comfortable or more so.

Talking about comfort, with both sides being inflated I had issues with my body touching the ground. While better than having one side fully inflated, the pad isn’t all that comfortable especially when you consider the weight. It would be a good thickness for an ultralight sleeping pad but that isn’t what this.

This is a 2.1lb sleeping pad that only offers 2.75” of cushion;
Let me put it this way, the lighter in weight you are the more comfortable it will be. The heavier that you are, the less comfortable it will be as your body pushes through the material into the ground.

As a frame of reference, I weigh 160lbs and as I move on this pad, I hit the ground in numerous spots.

Summary :
I’ve said a lot about this pad so I will wrap this up.
Do I recommend this sleeping pad?
No I don’t!

I said it earlier, there are less expensive pads out there that are just as comfortable or more so.

This pad requires too much time to inflate and has a high fiddle rating. I may have just invented a new category; in other words, to inflate this pad it takes a lot of time and a sleeping pad simply should be that way.

Also, a double sided sleeping really is a gimmick; over the last 10 years how many air mats have i had develop leaks? 2! One was a real leak after tons of use and the other was a defect with a product. That’s it!

For the most part, as long as you aren’t dragging your pad through a briar patch, you’ll be fine. If you have a pad and you have hiked the AT twice, then it might be time to think about it wearing thin.

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