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UNACCEPTABLE - NatureHike Vik 2 Tent - Agenda Free Review

Today Luke is reviewing the NatureHike Vik 2 Tent; I DO NOT RECOMMEND this tent to anyone unless they plan to use it in a VERY DRY LOCATION....
Worst Condensation that I have EVER SEEN!
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NatureHike Vik 2 Tent -
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Price : $189.

Colors : White - interestingly enough but for some reason on the NH web site, they call this gray.

Versions : 3 Versions :
A 1 person
A 2 person
And a 1 person with a snow skit

Includes :
11 stakes
3 tie ropes

Materials :
Fly : 15D Nylon with 2000mm rating
Body : 20D Nylon floor with 4000mm rating.
Mesh : b3 polyester
150D Oxford with 3000mm rating
Poles : 7001 Aluminum
Stakes : 7001 Aluminum

Weight :
Tent and Groundsheet : 3lbs 8.0oz
Full tent with no Groundsheet : 3lbs 1.1oz /
Groundsheet : 7.9oz

Measurements :
Stored - 18” x 6” - can be smaller when compressed
Setup - Measure SIZE XXXX - consider length of tent and the walls - you will not want to touch the walls with your head or your sleeping bag or they could get wet.

Note : That is what is claimed on the NH web site but there are inconsistencies with the Amazon listing when it comes to the denier of the fly materials. Their web site says 15D and amazon says 20D. It is nylon but I don’t know which is accurate.

Also the waterproof ratings change multiple times on their web site, an example of this is the fly. It says in one place that it has a 2000mm rating, another states 4000mm.

Based on feel and my experiences, 2000mm seems more likely.

There are also varying statements concerning the pole material - in one place on the web site it states 7001 aluminum and in another 7075.

Tent Style :
Single wall, freestanding 4 Season tent - only the doors have to be staked

Review Pros :
Fairly lightweight for a 2 person tent
Good materials
IMPRESSIVELY Waterproof - I am seriously impressed with this aspect but being waterproof doesn’t make a tent a good shelter.
Good amount of space for a lightweight tent.
Easy setup
Good form factor when stored
Good size for individuals XXXX and under. - Tall individuals may have a hard time getting into and out of the tent.
Large enough to sit up
Can be completely freestanding if you aren’t staking out the doors.

Review Cons :
Overall quality of the shelter is questionable. My tent features some very poor sewing and attached threads.

While this tent is waterproof, condensation is some of the worst I have ever experienced in certain situations. For an example, during a rain event, condensation will form on every inch of the inner tent fabric.

I can’t understate this, my experiences in this tent when sealed in above freezing situations is exceptionally bad - air flow is terrible with this tent & it will rain down moisture on you when rain hits the fly and in the wind.

I’ve been in situations where the moisture has soaked everything inside of the tent including me * my gear. So bad that I had to put on my rain jacket and pants.

In below freezing conditions, condensation is bad when fully sealed and will freeze to everything.

Keep in mind how condensation forms and whether this is a potential issue for you and where you can plan to camp.

Air temperature in the tent becomes warm & also humid from people, breathing & a lack of ventilation. When the warm air inside the tent hits the relatively cool fabric of the tent, moisture condenses into liquid form.

Warm and humid inside, cool weather outside and poor ventilation - you are going to be wet.

Vents offer limited air flow

Drying this tent can take time

Not 4 season rated

Condensation can still work even with the doors open but it will help.

Vents? Can they be opened from the inside?

Summary :

Because condensation is so bad with this tent, my recommendation would be to use this shelter in dry climates only.

Tips :
Make sure you have a towel with you.
Setup with wind coming through one of the doors, this is going to help you greatly with condensation.

With the Vik 1 person tent, condensation is just as bad and in some cases it will be even worse due to their being only one door.

This is not a tent that you will want to take on a thruhike….do so and you will be sorry; this tent unless you are in dry areas is going to be an exceptionally poor performer.

This is not going to be a good performer for cold trips or for snowy conditions.


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