Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A Very Different Tent - Hilleberg Unna - First Look and Discussion

A Very Different Tent - Hilleberg Unna - First Look and Discussion

Last week we took a look at the Hilleberg Soulo which is one of the most popular 4 season tents on the market today. In this episode, Luke is going over another popular tent from the Hilleberg that is known as the Unna.

This is the Hilleberg Unna tent and you are about to see what make it so special.....and also, so expensive!

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Hilleberg Unna

What it is : This is a Freestanding, 4 season tent that is made by one of the worlds most respected tent manufacturers.

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Price : $740

Availability : Currently just about every Hilleberg tent is limited in terms of availability. I expect to see product availability improvements in 2023; until then you can get on waiting lists with Hilleberg or with outfitters. There is also the used market if interested.

Colors : Green, Red, Sand

Size : The company claims 1 person but two full size sleeping pads will fit inside of this tent

Single entrance, FreeStanding Dome Tent
Bathtub floor, vent cover fly

Weight : 5lbs 1oz packed weight

Materials : Kerlon 1200 YKK Zippers, 2x 9mm Aluminum poles, 12 tent stakes

Measurements : 43” wide, 39” tall, 90” long

Label : Red
I’ve covered this before in other videos so I won’t do it again in the same detail. Hilleberg has multiple labels and this is a way to classify their tents in terms of strength and weight.

Black - for the worst conditions imaginable- heaviest of the Hilleberg Tents

Red - still very strong but lighter - very much 4th season capable and in fact, Red Label tents are what I use for winter camping in blizzards and storms.

Yellow - 3 season tents that are as lightweight as possible

From the Company :
OUR SIMPLEST SOLO TENT, the fully free standing Unna is supremely easy to pitch nearly anywhere – rocky shores, narrow ridgelines, dense forests (or, of course, even on “perfect” tent sites) – and it boasts an impressive amount of interior space. It is ideal for journeys in any season where low weight is a high priority, and where the terrain makes for tricky pitching conditions. Rather than a vestibule, the Unna has a spacious interior that easily accommodates the occupant and gear – or, in a pinch, two people. And by disconnecting a corner of the inner tent, one can create a virtual vestibule and keep the inner tent dry while entering or exiting in rainy conditions. Its dome design handles snow loading well, and its roominess and light weight lend themselves very well to mobile journeys, where you pitch your tent each day. Little wonder then that it has become a favorite of paddle tourers, year ‘round backpackers, mountaineers, cycle tourers and casual campers alike.

Use : The company claims year round use with this tent but as is, I would disagree. With a double wall tent that features a fabric inner, these are not used in the warmer months and that’s because such a design was created for winter time, cold conditions. The fabric walls limit air flow, they block wind and they hold in heat….this is everything that you don’t want in the warmer months. Using a tent that features a fabric inner in the warmer months translates to a miserable experience unless you are at high elevations where its rather windy and cool.

Replacement Inner : Luckily Hilleberg has thought of this and offers a mesh inner body for warmer areas; these inner kits are rather expensive ($230)

Vestibule - You can disconnect the inner closest to the door so that you have a vestibule : Also this is a good way to protect the inner tent from getting wet when entering and exiting during a rain event.


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