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Worth $20? NatureHike Backpacking Canister Stove - Real Review

NatureHike makes Canister Stoves?
Yes they do and in this Agenda Free Review Luke is going over his Pros and Cons and what he likes and doesn't about this very budget friendly stove.

For the Money, he's......

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NatureHike Backpacking Stove Review
What it is : What I have here to review today is a budget friendly stove that I have been testing out for the last month or so, it’s from NatureHike and is their backpacking canister stove.

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Price : $20 at the time of filming

Weight of Stove with Carry Box : 10oz
9oz for the stove alone

Materials : Stainless steel, brass and Aluminum Alloy

Dimensions :
2.75” tall
6.5” from farthest pot support
17” long hose

Performance :
Output : 10,236 BTU’s - in what I would call perfect outdoor conditions I have been able to boil 16oz of water in 2 minutes 36 seconds.

Plus, most stoves are highly inefficient when running wide open and gain in efficiency when running at lower levels.

You would think that it would be simple to come up with a standardize test but it’s really not that easy and again, it goes back to the variables and there are so many in play that no test is accurate. If you see someone making an efficiency claim on YT, it’s nonsense.

Pros :

Good price
Good overall quality for the money
Sturdy for the money
Good performance - stove is quick enough and the stove can simmer easily.
Easy to setup and breakdown stove - legs deploy easily
Cools quickly
Stable platform for pots, cup and pans.
Can support up to 8” pans and still have a good cooking experience.
Electronic Ignitor works well - you may have to click it a few times here and there to get it to go but it does eventually catch. This is average performance with these Ignitors.
Skid pads on the pot supports actually work

Cons :
I mentioned the overall sturdiness of this stove previously, again for the money it’s good but compared to higher end, more expensive stoves you can tell that this costs $20. There is a difference between a stove like this and one from MSR, SOTO and other companies.

This stove doesn’t feature a regulator that is designed for cold weather and for the money I wouldn’t expect it to. For cold weather use, keep the fuel warm and that will help.
While the performance of this stove is good, I don’t believe that it is 3000W or 10,200 BTU’s like the company states ; I say that based on overall boil times compared to other stoves that i have tested - I have similar BTU rated stoves that boil 1 liter of water in less than 4 minutes whereas this one is over 5 minutes.

The company claims good windproof performance and that isn’t accurate at all. With some versions of this stove, the burner head will have a windscreen that surrounds it; this stove doesn’t have one and the flame is influenced easily by the wind.

A windscreen will be needed in windy situations.

Speaking of this, the description by NatureHike speaks of a built in wind deflector which isn’t present.

My thoughts on this stove are as follows; this is a relabel and NatureHike had a manufacturer make this for them with their logo on there. There are a thousand companies with the same stove with some having slight variations here and there.

Going back to the listing, with this being a relabel stove, the description is likely taken from a variant of this stove but in this case, the NH version doesn't have the windscreen.


Summary :
Ultimately with the stove, the overall performance is good for the money. The overall quality of the stove is good for the money. The overall weight of the stove is good for the money.

There’s absolutely nothing unique about the stove and in fact there are literally hundreds if not thousands of copies in variance of this. In the end though, because the stove is mass produced on an incredible Level, this allows for the product to be a low priced option which it is.

None of the cons that I have for this product or dealbreaker‘s especially when you consider the low price. So far with my used, I’ve had no issues and I don’t expect there to be any either. NatureHike has a fairly good reputation when it comes to the quality of their products; while their designs are always the best for the overall quality and performance is good for the dollar.


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