Wednesday, January 5, 2022

This Pack Has a Hidden Feature that's Awesome - Mountain Hardwear JMT 35...

Today Luke is reviewing what has become one of his favorite backpacks. This is the Mountain Hardwear JMT 35;

it's feature rich, the quality is excellent, and it has an awesome hidden feature!
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Mountain Hardwear JMT 35 Backpack :

What it is : This is a 35L backpack that features a clamshell design; made for day hikes or minimal loadout overnight trips.

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Versions : 25l, 35l versions; Men’s, Women’s

Sizes : Small Medium and Medium Large
35L - 2136 cu in
Pack Torso S/M: 16 in - 19 in
Pack Torso M/L: 18 In - 21 In
Pack Waist S/M: 28 in - 47 in
Pack Waist M/L: 30 in - 48 in

Colors : Black and Spruce

Cost : retail $160

Weight : Small Medium - 2lbs 10oz

Materials :
210D ripstop shell and 420D Cordura base
YKK Zippers
ITW buckles - excellent
Steel fire frame

Review Pros

With all of my testing, this has proven itself to being a top notch day pack and if you can go minimal enough, it can be used for overnight trips.

Excellent quality
Top notch materials
Very comfortable to wear; excellent shoulder straps and adjustability
Handles the weight of your loadout very well; frame and suspension distribes the weight properly.

Excellent features

The removable mesh pocket is awesome; funny story, I had no idea that this existed until recently. I had seen pictures of this pack without it and with it and figured that it was an accessory that had to be purchased separately. Why did I think that? Because there is no mention of this feature on the MH web site or anywhere else and like i said, often times you will see pics of this pack without.

Hydration compatible

Compressions straps
Stretchy and large size hydration packs

Price :
Before moving on to the cons for this pack I want to talk about price for a moment.

$160 for a day pack sounds like a lot of money for this type of backpack but it isn’t; I should say this, it used to be but it’s not any more. This year with the outdoor industry along with most others, everyone is beginning to see just how much of an impact inflation is having and this is a great example. I did some searching last night for 35L backpacks and the majority of them are $150 and up with many being around $200.

That used to be considered expensive but now is commonplace.

To find a backpack that is 35L that is under $150 your options are going to be limited to military surplus or products from Chinese companies.

With that being said, the quality of this pack is top notch, the materials and components are also the best of the best so you are getting what you pay for. Is it worth $160? That’s up to you but I think it is.

Review Cons :

No strap keeps for the waist belt; the straps are huge and a few rubbers bands are a good solution.

Just ok in terms of ventilation. You will get wet with sweat and drying off will come only when you take the pack off. Make sure to wear the right clothing with this pack to prevent problems from arising.

Waist belt offers little in terms of padding; it’s a simple system made more for controlling the loadout than comfort. With loadouts up to 20lbs I have had no problems with it.

No rain cover is needed - pack is moderately water resistant on its own.

Only one waist belt pocket - on the other side you have a stretchy mesh sleeve and an additional pocket would be more beneficial.

At times the pack can make a creaky noise.

Summery :
My time with this pack has proven this to be an excellent backpack; one that I use for all sorts of purposes including overnight trips, day hikes and for photography. My camera inserts fit perfectly in this pack.

This is a backpack that is going to last a very long time thanks to the construction, quality of the materials and so on.

It’s an easy recommend from me if you need a pack of this size.

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