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These Gore-Tex Military Waterproof Gloves are Awesome But - Outdoor Rese...

The Deal that I got on these Military Gore-Tex Gloves is going to blow your can get it too but there is a Catch!

Today Luke is taking a look at the Outdoor Research MGS Shell Gloves that he recent purchased!
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Outdoor Research MGS Shell Gloves

What is it : These are tactical gloves made primarily for the US Military, they are waterproof, windproof and are breathable and are designed to go over your existing pair of insulated gloves and liners.

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Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL

Weight : 4.8oz for the small size

Materials :

Price :
The retail price of these is insane; roughly $270

Did I pay $270 for a pair of gloves? Hell no and that is one of the reasons why I am making this video.

Recently I was filming a rain adventure and my hands were getting a bit cold and I started thinking about getting gore-tex shells.

When I had some down time, this is what I found to go with.

I did a quick search and found these gloves and was shocked at the price so I hopped on one of my favorite sites and found these same gloves for an insane price.


I made an offer for $30 and the offer was accepted and here we are today.

Brand new, included the tags and even the price tag.

As with most things in life, there is a catch for such a great deal and that comes in size.

While there were some larges and smalls available when I ordered, they were in short supply. The Small size was abundant and that is what I went with and here is why.

Normally I wear a medium but with these being a shell I figured that a small would work for my needs as I am a fan of wearing very thin gloves throughout most of the winter. They allow for me to move, be active and not get overheated and these shells in conjunction with my gloves, looks like a perfect combination. With gloves like this I generally stay warm in temps all the way down to 0 but that is what I am acclimated to.

Will it be? We will find out and I will do a followup in the future once I have fully tested them.

Until then I wanted to get this video up, let you know of the product, the deal that I got and if you can get the size to work it may benefit a few of you.

By the way, at the time of filming, I saw multiple sizes on eBay including Large, those were going for roughly $50 but were limited in quantity. I didn’t see any mediums.

From the Company :
The MGS Shell Gloves are part of the new Modular Glove System (MGS), a complete collection of protective handwear that have been designed to work together for optimal dexterity, tactility, and reduced weight. Each of these pieces utilizes Outdoor Research exclusive 3D Fit Technology™; a new generation of 3D modeling pattern-making that allows total freedom of movement and functionality. The waterproof, breathable, and fast drying MGS Shell Gloves™ are intended to be an outer shell worn over various liner glove combinations; from an MGS insulated liner to a thin combat glove.

Elasticized Inner Wrist
Seam Taped

Testing :

I’ve had these gloves in for a short period of time and hope to begin testing them out in a winter storm that is coming in next week. My experience is limited but I did do some quick waterproof testing at the house and put my hands with the gloves on in the Creek for 5 minutes and experienced no leaking. I could feel the coolness of the water but yet, there was no penetration through any seams.

Good fit especially with the thinner gloves that I like to wear.

Grippy palms and fingers

Works great with phones including Samsung and iPhone.

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