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The Absolute WORST - Wadeo Wood Burning Stove Review

The Absolute WORST - Wadeo Wood Burning Stove Review

Luke is back with another 100% Agenda Free Review of a wood burning stove from the company known as Wadeo.

This happens to be the biggest piece of JUNK and I wouldn't waste your money on's terrible in just about every single way possible.

This is Luke's review of the Wadeo Wood Burning's a P.O.S.
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Wadeo Wood Burning Camp Stove

...It features the absolute worst of designs and in fact, this is the worst wood burning stove I have ever seen.

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Materials : 304 Stainless Steel

Weight : 2lbs 3.3oz

Dimensions :
9.5” tall
6.5” x 6.5” at the bottom
4.25” x 4.25” at the top

Pot Support Measurements :
5.5” x 5.5” side to side
Diagonally 8”

Price : $22

Best Use : While you can use this stove with a small cup, it is a designed for larger pots and pans

Included : Case, stove, saw, bellows

Review Pros :

Easy to put together and to take apart - stoves like this can be difficult to get together. That isn’t the case in this situation as everything fits together easy enough. That's not to say the design is great because it's not.

Speaking of which, the overall design of this stove is TERRIBLE and it’s not one that i have seen before….for a good reason.

The bottom panels are strange and are dangerous and don’t lock into place. I’ll talk more about this in a moment

Back to the pros, I have three;

Easy enough to put together
Can support large pots
Cools quickly

That’s all…

Now onto the cons….

Review Cons :

Weight - Company Claims : Lightweight - No, not really. This is a fairly heavy stove and it’s noticeable in your hand especially when you compare this to similarly sized wood stoves.

Weird overall design that hinders overall use and functionality.

The bottom panel which is meant to hold and support your fuel has WAY TOO MANY holes in it; way too many and they are way too large. So big in fact that the wood that you put in this stove will fall through as you fill it and use it.

The bottom panels come in two pieces and they do not lock into place. This slows down the setup process and creates a weak point for this stove. If you jostle those plates when using this stove you can dislodge the panels; at that point you could have a problem on your hands with your burning debris falling to the ground

The bottom panels present a serious safety issue; so much burning debris will fall through on to the ground….

The large feeding port is at the bottom of the stove; while in theory this allows for large pieces of wood to be burned, the overall stove design hinders this fact. You have to have a good amount of burning material present to ignite larger pieces of wood; that burning material is going to be present at the bottom, which is the feeding port. Normally you load large pieces of wood higher up on a stove due so that they can be exposed to high heat and because the bottom on the stove is going to be full of embers and your smaller burning material. Feeding this stove isn’t easy as you feed it at the bottom of the stove…you need to feed a wood stove like this from the top/

Air holes at the top of the stove can be used to feed the stove but they are rather small considering the overall size of this stove.

The bottom of the legs are sharp and can easily scratch whatever surface that you rest this stove on. This isn’t all that important but you do have to be careful where you put it.

Using this stove with with an alcohol stove is nonsensical. The stove itself sits way too low for it to be efficient. This is BS claim made by the company.

The company shows this stove being used with solid fuel…that too is nonsensical as the fuel is too far away from the bottom of your pot, it is highly inefficient.

Stove when it is put together isn’t all that solid. It doesn’t fall apart when you are moving it but the bottom panels can come loose and the body flexes.

The pot supports are designed to gain attention in a picture on Amazon rather than be useful. It’s the first thing that I noticed about this stove and is why I decided to purchase it.

You can see how it raises as you go out on the supports and this offers no benefit when it comes to using this stove. A simple pot support would have been much, much better.

Do not buy this.
Don’t give this company your hard earned money.


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