Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Budget Friendly - 3F UL 2022 Gear Lanshan 1 Pro Tent - First Look and Th...

This is a tent that many have been asking about and today, Luke is getting around to beginning his testing (about time....you'll see why in the video).

This is a first look and preview of the popular 3FUL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro Tent.
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3FUL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro Tent - First Look 

What it is :
The Lanshan Pro 1 tent is a budget friendly ultralight trekking pole tent from the Chinese company 3F UL Gear.  It’s a single wall tent, has one door, one vestibule and is a pyramid style shelter. 

Who is 3F UL Gear : 3F UL is a Chinese company that has been around for about 10 years and since that point in time they have earned a rather positive reputation.  I’ve heard about them for a long time now and have been asked, why haven’t I reviewed their products?

Great question.  Simple answer, too many tents, and too little time.  With that being said, now it is their turn to face my critical but fair attention.  

This is my first experience with them and I’m excited to see what all the raving is all about. 

Components Included
Storage bag
9 tent stakes 
3 Guy line 
Repair patch
Seam sealing Syringe 
Seam sealing 

Price : $169 for the 3 season option, $179 for the 4 season - these are the prices from the 3F UL web site; you can also purchase these tents from AliExpress for similar pricing. 

Colors : Green, Grey, Khaki

Options :
3 Season with a mesh inner or a 4 season version with a fabric inner. 

Dimensions Stored
13.5” long x 5.9” wide 

Dimensions Setup
90” long - 31” wide - 49” tall

Materials :
Fly - 20D super tear resistant SilNylon - 2000mm rating - Silicon Impregnated 
Inner - 20D Nylon Mesh - the 4 season version features a 13D Nylon 
Floor - 20D PU Nylon with waterproof 6000mm
YKK Zippers  
Duraflex Buckles 

Weight : 1.8lbs 

Lanshan 1, Lanshan 2 - those are double wall tents from what I understand. 

Comparing the Pro to the regular models, the Pro is a bit longer, wider, taller and is lighter weight.  If you are above 5’ 10”, the pro model is definitely going to be the model for you.  With that being said, make sure to pay attention to the sizing to ensure that the dimensions will work for you.

The materials are different - the Pro features silicon impregnated materials and the regular features silicon treated materials - these are two different processes and there are differences between the two.  This really could be a video on its own but briefly here are some points to consider;

Impregnated nylon, silnylon is stronger than a nylon that has been treated with silicon and it doesn’t age as fast as treated nylon.  Treated nylon can be seam taped so seam sealing isn’t required.  SilNylon isn’t as waterproof as silicon treated nylon either. 

Pro Impressions and thoughts so far
-The quality from the get-go looks to be very good.
- Impressively small size
- Impressive weight 
- re-enforced points
- good amount of space for a 1 person tent 
- price is very good for the materials and weight
- setup is rather easy to pitch 
- good pitch - no initial sagging 
- LOVE the Color

Con Impressions and Points  :

Ordering from the 3F UL site is a bit confusing.  

Seams have to be sealed - I only mentioned this as a con because some people simple don’t want to do it.  

Coming up soon, I will have a setup video as well as a seam sealing instruction video.  I’ll show you have to go about seam sealing this tent which will apply for any tent - my method is the easiest, most straightforward, very neat and not messy at all.  

Once the seam sealing is done, I’ll move to the rain waterproof testing and we’ll see what this tent is capable of.
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