Monday, August 1, 2022

Very Different! - Force Protector Gear (FPG) - Military Field Blanket an...

Today Luke is discussing a very interesting Tarp that initially was a military product that has since been altered to become a civilian overlanding tarp!

This is the Force Protector Gear Military Field Blanket and Tarp System....
It's very interesting and also, VERY expensive for what it is.

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Force Protector Gear - Military Field Blanket and Tarp System - FOR97

What it is : two-layer ThermaShield Field Blankets. Due to its light weight, symmetrical shape, and sheer performance, the FOR97 is the go-to if camouflage is not needed. With thousands in service this Field Blanket has protected soldiers and saved lives on the battlefields and made camping and adventures here at home a cozy endeavor. Attach it to your vehicle, make a hide, or keep warm by the fire making S'mores. The choice is yours.

The US Military describes this as follows : An item used to pack the camouflage screen system or camouflage support system for movement and storage

Field Blanket Stats :

Price : Retail $400 - $394 to be exact.
With this being a military product, you can find it for a lot less as surplus.  I paid $80 for mine. 

NSN : 1080-01-644-8198

Field Blanket Dimensions: 112” L x 72” W
Total Weight: 3lbs 10oz
Pouch Dimensions: 10.5” L x 7” W x 2.5” D
Pouch Capacity: 184 cubic inches (3 liters)
1000D Cordura
FPG DesertCloth
FPG Reflectec
FPG SmartClips
Water resistant YKK Zipper
Military Grade Snaps, Hook and Loop, and Thread

Versions :
There is a Multicam version of this product, it is the FOR112.

There are other versions of this blanket including a 3 layer version and a X-Lite version. 

There are also civilian versions of this product that are called shade panels - I will be honest, the FPG site is a mess, it is confusing and the company needs to do a better job of explaining what these products are and how they are different. I’ve noticed that for shade panels, they are often called field blankets and there are other issues which make trying to figure out what you are looking at confusing. 

Finding clear information about what Thermashield does isn’t as straight forward as it should be; the links on the FPG don’t work and they don’t actually come out and say what it does which I find to be weird.  

Thermashield according to the claims that I have seen elsewhere online state this;

heat reflecting capability makes chilly sporting events nice and cozy in the stands.
Make a shelter at the beach or protect your family in emergencies, both winter and summer.
Makes great stand-alone shelter when camping or to reduce the temperature in your tent.
Coyote DesertCloth® on one side, Reflectec® (silver) on the other.
Lives by the ThermaShield family tenants which are: Keep you warm when it’s cold. Cool when it’s hot. Dry when it’s wet.

The most impressive aspect to this material that isn’t made obvious is that it prevents radiant heat from coming through the material so if you set this up as a sun shade, the Thermashield reflects the heat of the sun instead of allowing radiant heat to come through the material like a normal tarp or sun shade.

12x Gromolon anchoring and pole attachment points
4xSmartClips with "Quiet Housings" for no-knot fixing to objects or vehicles
12x double sided MILSPEC snaps for attachment to multiple blankets
Fire resistant to CPAI-84
100% UV blocking
Wind proof
Highly water resistant
Hook and Loop I.D. placements
Effective treatment for shock during the Golden Hour of transport
Reduces cold injuries
Reduces heat injuries
Stand-alone shelter/shade
Vehicle based shelter/shade
Expedient litter
Thermal signature mitigation
Modular : Blankets can be snapped together making shelter size as needed.
Berry Amendment Compliant
Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
Made in the USA
Pouch is the FOR88.
Compatible with MOLLE or PALS attachment systems
Simple divider can separate contents
Drain hole in the bottom for maritime use
Sturdy water resistant YKK Zipper with 550 Para Cord pull.
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