Wednesday, August 10, 2022

This Price is REALLY Hard to Beat - OneTigris Featherlite UL Quilt - Review

Interested in seeing a budget friendly Quilt that you can use in the warmer months?

This is the OneTigris Featherlite UL Quilt which can be used on the ground or in a Hammock; Luke's Agenda Free Review begins now!
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OneTigris Featherlite UL Top Quilt

What it is : This is a lightweight, highly compressible 3 season quilt that is also very budget friendly. The company focuses on this being used in a hammock but in truth it works just as well on the ground.

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Temp Rating : 41F

Materials : 20D Ripstop Nylon outer shell with 380T polyester pongee lining, and SEE polyester filling

I did some searching to learn more about the SEE polyester insulation and couldn’t come across any information.

Available Colors : OD Green outside and black inside

Available Sizes : One

Size Measurements : 6.5’ x 2.8’ wide

Measurements Stored : 13.7” x 7.8”

Weight : 2.4lbs for quilt and bag - bag weighs 3.1oz

Price : $83 on the OT web site, $76 on Amazon
Features :

Hook and loop clasp system
Vertical and horizontal baffles
Enclosed foot box
Drawstring at the top

My Testing :
I’ve been testing this product out since the spring and have been able to use this in temps down to 38f.

With warm clothing you can use this down 40f or even lower. With that being said, for lower temps a good sleeping pad with an higher r rating will be needed or if in a hammock, a good underquilt will be required.

Talking about clothing, at 40f, you’ll likely want a long sleeve shirt, some thermals, good socks, and hat. If you run cold, you might even want a jacket.

Review Pros
Very good quality especially for the money - no issue when it comes to the construction
Perfectly Suited for summer time use.
Very warm with temps down to 50F
Insulation does a good job of lofting
Quilt materials are comfortable against the ski, silky.
Weight is very reasonable for an $85 quilt with synthetic insulation
Quilt is compressible - packs up well.
Looks awesome (subjective)
Versatile as you are able to cover up as much as you like or uncover as needed.
Can be used in a hammock or on the ground
Foot box is warm and comfortable.

Review Cons :
The Nylon Stuff sack that comes with this quilt is close to being complete garbage. While the size is good the compression straps and the related hardware is of the poorest quality. The straps themselves come loose and I have given up on using them. The hardware holds tension but as soon as you take the tension off, the straps will come out of the hardware.
If the back closures are in place, this is going to be tight for larger individuals. Luckily for most people since this is a warmer weather quilt won’t have to worry about even fooling with the closures.
Speaking of the closurers, if they are in place, it can be difficult to get into and out of the quilt.

Summary :
For the money, this is a really good warm weather quilt. Works great in a hammock or on the ground, the overall quality is very good.

Make sure to check the measurements to ensure that it is going to work for you.

Storage bag pretty much sucks….but gets the job done.

In the end, I can easily recommend this quilt, for the money it offers a good value and warmth capability.
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