Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Classic A-Frame Tent - After 40+ Years - Eureka Timberline 2 Tent - Fir...

In this episode, Luke is taking a first look at the Legendary Timberline Tent; this has been around for more than 40 years and while the materials and design has been modernized, the heart of the A-Frame tent lives on.

This is a first look and preview of the Eureka Timberline 2 Tent.
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Eureka Timberline 2 Tent - First Look and Preview

What it is : What I have here today is the Legendary A-Frame Timberline 2 tent; from what I understand, the Timberline series has been around for around 40 years - 

While I say they are legendary, I have to admit that I am rather new to the Timberline Series; naturally I’m familiar with A Frame tents but until recently I wasn’t aware of this specific Eureka line up.

A viewer of the channel changed that and in fact, ordered this tent so that I can review it for you all.  Lauren, thank you very much my friend!

I hope you are well and are staying safe.

Materials :
Inner Body Fabric - 75D 185T polyester taffeta breathable
Rainfly Fabric - 75D 185T polyester taffeta 800 mm
Mesh - 40D polyester no-see-um
Floor Fabric -75D 210T polyester taffeta 800 mm
Aluminum Poles
Steel tent stakes
800mm hydrostatic head rating

Dimensions Packed : 6” x 24”

Dimensions Set Up :  86 in x 63 in - 42” tall

Weight : 6lbs 10oz

Price : $220

There are a number of versions of this tent including the Timberline 2 that I have here.  

There is Timberline 4 person, there is the more modern designed Timberline SQ XT versions which feature more mesh ano a slightly different top pitch; that’s available in 2 and 4 person sizes.

Then there is SQ Outfitters Versions, those are available in 4 person and 6 person.

Add-on :
There is a vestibule Add-on available for this tent, it costs $65

Notable Features :
5 poles
2 doors
Partial over the top fly and along with internal fly door - this is a feature that I always worry about as generally this style of tent has issues with leaking.  

Thoughts and Impressions :
Worried about the lower waterproof rating - Eureka states it is 800 for the standard Timberline tent and 1000 for the XT line.  800 is low.  Even 1000mm is considered low.  Even the floor for the tent is 800 and that’s unheard of in a modern tent.

I’m also worried about the weather resistance capabilities of this tent due to the internal fly at the doors.

For such legendary tents, there is very little about these tents on YT; I found that rather surprising.  With that being said, I have seen plenty of reports from owners who have had these shelters for over 40 years and there is a lot of love for these shelters online

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