Wednesday, August 3, 2022

🕷 SPIDER - $64 for a Winter Capable Stove? - South Korean Kovea Spider S...

This is a Multi-Season Canister Stove from the South Korean company known as Kovea!

In this Agenda Free Review Luke is going over his Pros and Cons and what he likes and doesn't about this fairly expensive stove.

For the Money, he's......

Find out now! 
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The Korean Kovea Spider Stove 

What it is : The Spider stove from Kovea is an iso-butane system that was designed for use in not only warm conditions but cold conditions as well.

This stove can be inverted, it will run on liquid gas and guess what, it really works well!

Haven’t heard of this South Korean company before?  You may not have heard of them but you likely have used or in the least seen one of their stoves and didn’t even know it. 

This company makes stoves for other companies as well;

MSR is an example.  Snow Peak is too.

Weight :
Full Kit - 7oz 
Just the Stove - 6oz

Cost : $66 on Amazon at the time of filming.  The price of this stove has gone up over $20 in the last year or so….

Materials : Primarily Stainless steel 

BTU’s : 5,633 BTU’s

What’s included :
Stove - Storage bag - Ignitor


Foldable legs
Adjustable flame all the way down to simmer
Anti-flare tube
Low center of gravity makes the stove very stable

Cold Weather Use :
An incredible viewer sent this stove in for testing, Michael, thank you brother!  It was right at the end of winter here so my testing in the cold has been rather limited; I did get it out into the low 20’s for a camping trip and roared when the fuel can was inverted.  In cold temps, the hose is rather stiff.

The stove features a pre-heat loop that is close to the burner head and that allows the stove to run on liquid gas in cold conditions.  It heats the liquid fuel and vaporizes it.

You fire up the stove, turn it to low, allow the pipe to warm for around 30 seconds, invert gas can and you’re good to go. 

It has to be lit in when in the normal position; if you attempt to lite it when inverted you will experience a fireball….you don’t want this.

Note : Not all stoves with a similar design can be inverted; do not invert a stove that you specifically do not know was designed to be inverted.  If you do, you’re going to have a very bad day.

Pros so Far :
Excellent quality stove
Very good design - speaking of which, this is a product that hit the market in 2012 and it hasn’t changed in any sort of meaningful way.
Very reliable so far
Very good performance - I have yet to be in a situation where I could complain and that’s in cold weather as well as warm conditions. 
Very stable - locking legs are awesome
Cold weather performance has been excellent with my limited use.
There are a number of adaptors that can be purchased so that different types of fuel can be used - for an example, there is a Butane adaptor and a propane bottle adaptor.
Excellent adjustability - you can simmer or go all out. 
Stove folds up small enough

Cons so Far :
The Kovea web site is shockingly scant when it comes to

Piezo Ignitor is a weak point; I’ve seen plenty of reports of people having issues, I’ve seen videos on YT of individuals having issues….have I had problems getting the stove to ignite with this?

Yes, it simply isn’t that good.

Tip : Add a bic lighter to your stove kit and if anything, use the included Ignitor as a backup…

Tip : Go flow on the stove, get the Ignitor directly to the burner head and go.  That gives the best chance of ignition.

Not the lightest stove - there are systems out there that weigh much less. 

Rather poor wind resistance. 

BTU’s on this stove are a bit low when compared to the competition.  Does that really make a difference?  No, when you are out in the field on your adventure, you will not notice a minute longer to boil. 

Pot supports aren’t exceptionally grippy 

Small head doesn’t provide the best for cooking meals; stoves with a larger head will spread the heat over a larger area.  

Included instructions are in Korean which needs to be corrected for safety reasons.  

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