Monday, January 15, 2018

Calling Them Out! - American Standard 198pc First Aid Kit Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the American Standard 198pc Kit which is mainly a first aid kit but with survival components thrown in.

Unfortunately Luke has to call them out....


Link :

Price : $29.95

Weight : 2lbs 3oz

198 piece kit –

This is part first aid kit and part survival kit

·   Nylon bag - no name zips

Very well rounded kit.  Would certainly cost you more if you were to put this together yourself

Great solution to put in your car or truck, boat for emergencies.

For backpacking and hiking, it is too much but as part of a smaller system this will keep you going for some time.  I carry a small first aid kit and I have been refilling it from this kit here.

Not every component is going to be something that you use like the face mask….but when the time comes you will be glad that you have it.


Review :

I like this kit as it’s not bad for the price.

Almost all of the reviews on amazon are BS.

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  1. Good on you, Luke, to call out these companies who deliberately deceive the public who are all potential customers. As a retired paramedic I don't think I would even consider buying this first aid kit/survival kit. Either produce a quality first aid kit or produce a quality survival kit...not mix one with the other. I would spend $30 for each if quality was of prime company concern. You made an excellent point: the best first aid kit is one you put together yourself. You know your health issues, each family member's health issues and yes, even each pet's health issues. Put together a first aid kit that is custom to your needs. I respect that you are all about integrity. We need more honest reviewers like you. Alex/AlphaWhiskey47