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Keeps the Snow Out! - Outdoor Designs Alpine Gaiters - Multiyear Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Outdoor Designs Alpine Gaiters.
Light weight.
Not Bulky.
Keeps the Snow out.

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Weight : 7.2oz
Price : $34.94
Colors : Solid Black and Green and Black.
Purchased : January 24, 2012

Size : Small, Medium and Large – Prices vary on Size but around $30 - $35 is common

Mine are the small size.  Of course make sure to get the right size for your calf

·       Synthetic
·       Front opening gaiter
·       The gaiters are made of a double layer of breatheable, ripstop, nylon material called "watergate material" which must be a proprietary term. It stands up to the elements very well. The material is somewhat like that used in heavy duty snow bibs or pants without heavy insulation.
·       Fully opening YKK zipper with full length with Velcro storm flap
·       Rubberized abrasion resistant underboot strap
·       Shock cord calf adjustment
·       Ideally paired with leather hiking boots or plastic mountaineering boots
·       Fits calves – 13.5 inches with no issues to comfort

These gaiters are for the purpose of keeping moisture out along with dirt and so on.  These will not protect you from snake bites

These are what I personally use in the winter for snow and so on. I backpack in them, work around the house and so on to keep my pants dry and to keep snow out of my boots. For summer time use if you need a gaiter to keep out debris I would go with a smaller option unless you need the height.

full length gaitrers featuring Watergate fabric. ò Watergate technologies 3 layer rip-stop fabric leg section. ò Double layer rip-stop material boot section. ò Front opening YKK zipper with full length with Velcro storm flap. Security snaps at the top and bottom of the storm flap. ò Dual adjusting, rubberized, abrasion resistant underboot strap. ò Double-riveted boot lace hook. ò 2" wide elastic at the bottom and 1" wide elastic at the ankle. ò Shock cord calf adjustment. Sold in pairs.

Top Leg Section - 9.5" h x 8" w MD: Top Leg Section - 10" h x 8.5" w LG: Top Leg Section - 11" h x 9" w

Review :
Pros :

I hike a lot in woods, and muddy terrain, and these gaiters keep my legs and pants dry and clean. Easy to put on and adjust. The rubber strap holds up really well - not a mark after miles and miles of hikes over rocks etc.

Super easy to get on/off with the front zip and good velcro

 The waterproof fabric is thick enough to protect against brush, yet pliable to be workable.

Not very bulky.

versatile: hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skying, shoveling snow, etc. etc.

While not insulating they will keep you warmer by blocking the wind

Cons :
The strap under the arch is a bit long for my size 9us boot and leaves a long bit flapping but it can be cut off or tucked under the gaiter.

The zipper tab is a bit smallish so I'll probably add a pull cord, but otherwise perfect.

These are more expensive than some of the gaiters on the market but you are getting very good quality for the price.  With that being said there are plenty of gaiters which are a hell of a lot more expensive.

The strap is a bit hard to tighten; it can be done but it isn’t super easy.  For myself, it’s one and done.

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