Thursday, January 4, 2018

Part 1 - Snugpak Basecamp OPS Air Mat w:Built In Foot Pump

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This is part one of the Snugpak Basecamp OPS Air Mat w/Built-In Foot Pump review.  Part 2 can be found here;

Make sure to watch both parts as this pad developed an issue since the filming of the review.

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Weight : 19oz / just over a 1lb

Price : Retail $79.00

Colors : Olive Coyote and Navy Blue

The Snugpak Base Camp Ops Air Mat with Built-In Foot Pump packs down to almost nothing. It has a valve for manual inflation but it also has a built in foot pump where you can pump it up quickly and easily with just the tap of your foot. It has a non-slip bottom so the mat does not slide around easily. Light and compact, it comes with its own stuff sack and repair kit.

Non-insulated so for colder temps keep that in mind and plan accordingly

3” cushion

Non-slip bottom

SIZE OPEN 72x20x3in | 183x51x8cm

PACK SIZE 5 x 11in | 12 x 28cm

WEIGHT 19oz (550g)

FABRIC TOP 75D Polyester Pongee/TPU

FABRIC BOTTOM 100% Polyester Peach Brushed/TPU

Review :

Very nice product. Good quality
Lightweight for the size
Large; good width and length
Nice storage stuff sack
materials are soft and comfortable; pleasant to have against your skin.
Good solid Valve. Not Cheap or flimsy like some.
Easy to inflate thanks to the pump. Also very easy to release the air and fold it back up
Pump works very well; can be done by stepping on it or by using your hands.
Stuff sack is perfectly sized.
When inflated, it is nice and comfortable.
Thanks to the non-slip bottom this pad does a great job of staying in place. Good thinking Snugpak
Thickness :

Oddity 1 : Didn’t receive a repair kit with my T&E unit
To Sum It Up :

This is a great sleeping pad for people would want a seriously easy to use pad. Super easy to inflate, large, long, comfortable. Great for a side sleeper

This is an initial review based on 3 nights out with this pad.  If anything changes with my further testing an additional video will follow.

Pro Tip : Easily place the included retention strap around the pad, grab with index finger and pull around.. Nice and easy


  1. Thanks for this review, Luke. I own a Klymit Static V which is an incredible 3-season pad. Now that I am a member of a Meetup group who camp in the winter I am in search of a 4-season pad. My winter gear includes several Snugpak pieces and I was considering this pad after watching one of your videos where you advised not to blow air into your mattress via your lips; your breath containing moisture causing a freeze effect within your mattress. Great advice! The thought of carrying a separate pump is not an option due to the extra weight though it might be minimal. So my research continues. If you have any suggestions I will definitely entertain them. Alex/AlphaWhiskey47

  2. Luke, I have a question. What is your average winter load out weight? Now that I am fully retired I am going to pursue backpacking and bush craft ventures to the best of my abilities...age being a factor. At 70 I have to learn as much as I possibly can from the very you. I presently have a Flying Circle pack which I purchased at my military surplus store. It is similar to the large Alice pack but it is frameless. I love this pack more than my ILBE. The FC weighs 4.3 lbs vs 10.5 for the ILBE. The load out is just ounces under 50 lbs which includes 2 liters of water and 6 lbs of food. I can handle the weight but I feel as though I may be over packing. The group normally leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday. However, the latest trip was cancelled due to the storm activity. Hell, that's when the real fun disappointing! My total 3-season load outs average 30 lbs. I realize there are a lot of factors to consider but generally speaking, is 20 lbs over doing it for winter camping? You seem to do well on your winter outings. Any tips? Alex/AlphaWhiskey47

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