Thursday, January 11, 2018

Saying Goodbye - Moose and Guns Ep 4 - 1986 M1008 CUCV

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Sometimes you have to say goodbye...

This is Moose and Guns!


  1. Yeah! That was friggin' awesome! You should package that piece of crap and mail it back to the company. That Mosberg is some sweet shotgun. As far as Moose, I love how it sits but tires like Coopers would enhance its stance. I can't recall if the military (like EOD) had light bars but I know the guys mounted some pretty powerful lights on the bumper of the M37 dud truck I used to drive out on the gunnery range. Great shootin' Luke! LMAO. Alex/AlphaWhiskey47

  2. I totally agree with the other comments...a winch on Moose would be awesome. A friend of mine used his winch on many occasions and made a couple thousand which he put into his kids' educational fund. The "Lone Wolf and Moose Rescue Service"...just kiddin' Luke!

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