Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Storm Stealth Overnight Adventure -Guardians of the Forest

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This is a Winter Storm Stealth Overnight Adventure which features 3 Guardians of the Forest!  This happens to be one of my most memorable of trips...find out why now!

Enjoy everyone!


Gear List :

Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor Backpack

Mountain Laurel Designs Ground Sheet

Golite Shangri 3 Tent

Thermarest XTherm Sleeping Pad

German Military Shooting Pad

Swiss Military M71 Stove

Golite Adrenaline 0F Quilt

Mountain House Meal

Toaks Titanium Spoon

Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug

Toaks Titanium Cup with Handle - 750ml

Kifaru Ultralight Pullout Bas for Organizing

Sunjack Light Stick

Woolly Merino Wool Long Sleeve

Scarpa Kailash GTX Boots

Mammut Jacket - Very old. Not sure of the model.

Fjallraven Barents Pro


  1. Luke, you are borderline insane and I love it! Great, great adventure! I love "stealth" camping and I often do it at a local state park which is...ahem...illegal? Please continue the Moose and guns videos which are totally awesome. Because of the last one I viewed in which you used a Savage Mk 2LR I went to the local gun shop and bought one (used) for $169 and the man gave me two boxes of ammo, a gun cleaning kit and a black duffle bag. The rifle has a scope on it, too! I thank you for that find. I love this gun and cannot wait to go out and "stealth shoot and camp"! Alex/AlphaWhiskey47.

  2. Traditionally, as a hunting tool, they were designed for quick kills, requiring that you thrust the blade quickly into your prey.