Sunday, January 7, 2018

Splav Raid 45 Military Pack – Preview

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Today Luke is sharing his thoughts on the Russian Splav Raid 45 Military Pack.


Link : With this pack you will find this on eBay and from multiple sellers. I haven’t found a source outside of eBay which will ship to the USA.

Weight : 4.18lbs

Price : Around $200 with free shipping – Some sellers will have lower prices but will charge a high shipping fee; no matter what you pay around $200

Sizes : There is a Raid 45 pack and there is a Raid 60

Colors : Olive Green and Black

Volume: 45L
Material: Polyester 600D
Duraflex buckets

Airmesh back - Two layers of foam and a grid of AirMesh for softness and ventilation.
Small version of the Raid 60 pack.

side pockets are not included in the package and are on sale separately!

Removable, height adjustable straps.

Bottom seems to be reinforced.

Includes pack cover

Attachments : There are Side Attachment pockets available for this pack and the Raid 60. Some Raid 60 packs will come with the side pouches. This side pouches offer you 7.5 liters each and they run around $50 and that includes shipping.. If you are buying a Raid pack and the pockets the seller may give you a good deal. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

volume: 7,5 7,5 l
materials: 600D Polyester
accessories: Duraflex®
weight:  7oz

Review :

Pros :

For the price this is a solid military/tactical backpack. The quality is great, the pack has all of the features which you would expect.

Includes a pack cover but if you are going to endure heavy rains I would suggest a waterproof liner inside of the pack-large trash bags work great for this.

Cons :

There is no frame sheet to this pack so if the pack is packed beyond capacity it will deform the shape.  Even then the pack remains comfortable.

The materials are polyester; very good quality polyester but it is polyester nonetheless.  Nylon would be the material I would choose if I had the choice for everyone but the most drive of solider will be just fine with the 600D polyester.

Review :

I purchased this pack with my own money because you all voted and decided that this is what you all would like to see in action.  So far, there are have been two overnight trips with this pack and I like it a lot.  While I am still in the early stages of testing I like what I am seeing here a lot.  It handles the weight of the pack extremely well; up hill, down hill, in the snow and so on; no issues.  In fact, it surprised me how well that it handled the terrain; better than some high cost military packs.

I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to quality but I’m impressed as there are no issues with quality.  I’m not seeing anything yet which would make me think that this pack would fail.

Of course I will keep on with the testing and if issues present themselves I will do a followup video.


  1. Thank you, Luke, for this great review of the Splav Raid 45. I like the name and would definitely consider buying one, however, for me I would go with the 60 liter model. My favorite activity now is bush craft camping and I love learning to cook. I normally carry a large folding frying pan and that costs me extra pack space. The price is not too bad for a quality military surplus pack and I agree that nylon would have been nicer. Again, thank you, and now onto ebay! Alex/AlphaWhiskey47

  2. Hi Luke! Just ordered the Splav Raid 60 for $164.27 plus $46 for shipping from Russia. It will take 2.5 to 3 weeks. The 60 does include the two side pouches which adds an extra 15 liters of pack space. Thanks again. You rock, Brother!